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My son has been calling the baby "piggie" for half my pregnancy so I made the joke that if the baby came on Easter it'd be our little ham, lol.
Thanks for voting!  I thought you might and I was looking forward to your guess.    Isn't it insane?  I had NO idea that so many of my friends thought I was going to have an 8ish lb girl next weekend, lol.   When I did this with my son about 60% of the votes were for boy but everyone knew *I* thought I was having a boy...and still 40% thought I was having a girl anyway.  The overwhelming nature of the votes this time, when I have not expressed any feeling whatsoever, is...
Bailey, I had a day like that on Wednesday.  I was like, "I think I'm too pregnant to keep up with these workouts" -- just felt gross and contracty kind of lightheaded after.  But then I worked out again on Friday and felt great after, so I think it was just a blip.  Hopefully it will be the same for you!  
You guys are carrying very similarly!!  Maybe both girls, since Tiffany is having one?    I don't actually believe in type of carrying predicting sex but it's still fun to speculate.    Here I am at 38w1d!  I have an uncovered belly pic in my baby pool poll so I'll post a covered belly here.  
So I don't think there are that many of us on here who don't know what we're having (1babysmom and Greenlea, I'm looking at you ladies -- you should do one of these too! They're fun!) but I set up a little pool for some of my friends to guess baby stats.  I wasn't gonna do one this time (I did one for my son and it was actually fun but I just wasn't feeling it this time), but then just a few days ago I decided to set one up mostly because I want to hear people's...
Crossing fingers for a straightforward induction and a healthy and happy labor/birth!!  
Yay!  Wonderful job, mama!  
I had the same experience in my first pregnancy and had a great, relatively fast birth!  No worries.  
I think I'm at 440/585, so if I keep up this pace I should end right on or a little over my target.
My baby is ROA, sometimes OA, but all three of my babies have been ROA in the third tri and I have had two great births so I'm not thinking about it even though I know SpinningBabies says ROA is not ideal.
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