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Corrie,  with my daughter (my first) I didn't realize my contractions weren't my normal prodromal ones at that stage until my water broke and then I was in active labor right after (!), but that was really because I had never experienced it before.   With my son I kept experiencing prodromal and wondering if it could be early labor (primarily because of my experience the first time around), but when actual labor kicked in I was like, "Ohhhhhhhh right.  THIS is what...
Yes, she is late March!  So technically she is even further along than someone due on 4/1 would be.   Bloody show is pretty darn promising...although I know you don't want an emergency section!
I am getting to be SO EAGER to find out who's gonna go next!!! I am 37w3d so someone here has gotta be like 38w1d if my math is right!  WHERE ARE THE BABBIES?  :)
Ha!  No, they are like quasi-maternity.  They have a "real waist" with belt loops but also are stretchy and have those inside tabs with buttons (like kids' pants!) so you can cinch 'em. 
I have very much lost track too.  I think I've worked out 3xs since my last update but it could have been only 2.  All I know is I'm term so I'm counting all movement as a win.  LOL!
I found someone who will do it for $145 this time, so I am excited to save at least a little.  :)  In NYC everything is insane!  
Bailey -- so cute!  I always love the way I look in my gym clothes too (half ridiculous, half adorable...I think you look fully adorable though.)   Me at 37w2d:  
We don't have a lot of money but I will always ALWAYS budget in placental encapsulation.  The first time we thought we'd do it ourselves but we just didn't have it in us to take on a project like that when the time came.  The second time I just forked over the money ($200) and it was the best damn $200 I ever spent, I swear.  It would have been a much, much harder transition to 2 had I not had those pills (especially since I lost quite a bit of blood that time).
I only have an emergency c-section plan because I sort of assume that would be the only reason I'd end up transferring (an emergency).  I'm happy to post it if anyone thinks it would be useful.
Those babies!  Be still, my uterus (a more reasonable request if there wasn't a human inhabiting it, I suppose.  LOL!).   Seriously, they are gorgeous.  So eager for you to have them home with you!  You are doing great!!  
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