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Following up to add: I don't completely understand the resistance to registering handguns, rifles, whatever other guns one owns. The car analogy works for me. No license? No registration? No insurance? = No driving. (I live in the U.S., ftr.) For people against registering, etc., WHY doesn't this system apply to gun ownership in your thinking? I'm genuinely interested.
This. (ETA: My "this" was to PJ above. **!! iPad.)
Stay safe, kama'aina mama.
Me, too, Wild Kingdom. I now live 100 miles away in northwestern NJ, and my parents just arrived at my house because they are old and tired of being cold at night in their Ocean County home. Mind you, up here we were out of power for 3 days and now due to remaining outages and fuel shortages, the gas lines in my rural ski resort town are miles long for a community of 25,000. I hope they made a good choice coming up here because Sandy is having ripple effects hundreds of...
Are there so few ideas for PE nowadays that dodge ball is even part of a PE curriculum? I don't understand how it ever rose up beyond the classification as a recess game to become a supervised, PE class option.
  Thanks. Crossing fingers for a reply!
Thanks you guys! The4OfUs gets the awkwardness I'm trying to avoid--that "crickets" moment that would be inevitable once the clothing issue was resolved. Moments like that are pretty anxiety-causing for folks who are phonephobic (ahem). I am going to shoot her a short on-topic e-mail instead of just sending off the whole batch of clothes like I thought I might do. I hadn't thought of the possibility of her by now not wanting any of it back (and that would be a sweet...
I am having serious social skills issues lately, so I'm asking for your mama-ly advice. Someone I was friendly with since our first kids were about 3mo (they are now 6yo) moved away more than a year ago. Just prior to leaving, she gave me three huge bags full of clothes for my second child (a boy, like her two), who was then 1yo. I am/was truly grateful for the sharing, but thought at the time "But how the heck will I ever get these back to you?" when she mentioned she...
So do I. I am so sorry this happened to your son.
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