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We moved south from St. Johnsbury about two years ago and miss it terribly!  Although it took a bit of investigating to find people once I had my daughter I felt surrounded by like minded crunchy families.  The Northeast Kingdom is a magical place and I'm sure once you get there you'll fall in love.  Eat at Elements and ask around there. They're awesome people.  Good luck!
My 4 yr old daughter started pre-school this year and met a new little friend. She (we'll call her Eva) is a sweet little girl being raised by her much older father, abandoned by her mother when she was a baby and this is her first real go at socializing I think so I'm really trying to stay open minded. She's been coming over every week for a few hours after school to play with my dd and 18 mo ds.  In the beginning she was very shy and a bit whiney but has come out of...
Going through exactly that right now! I hate having to say no and please stop, stop, don't do that, quit it! five billion times a day. There's constant tantrums and name calling from who knows where! and sarcasm?! and then the dangerous stuff like putting things in her baby brother's reach and mouth! I remember seeing my nephew go through this exact phase at 3 1/2 last year when my DD was 2 1/2 and thinking thank god she's not like that. His poor mother! Well now it's...
I like dress #2 but it may be too hot for summer in Vegas. Dress #5 looked comfy and pretty.. my style (casual hippy too ). Wear what you want and what makes it feel like a special night out. Good excuse to buy a nice little dress!
Queendom Lady Thatcher Espen boy 8lbs 11oz 20.5" April 20 @ 6:02pm Birth Center birth, incredible midwife and nurse, no drugs even though I begged at the end! 3 hours of intense labor, only 10 mins pushing!
yesterday i had some pretty steady and sharp cramping that made me think it was starting to happen. very excited but had to get my 2.5 y/o DD down for a nap and i fell asleep. it was all gone when i woke up. i kind of kick myself for letting myself sleep since i would love to get this going!!! then again i think if it was real labor it wouldn't have peetered out, right? idk. if it happens today again i'm not lying down! i'm trying to be as active as i can in the hopes....
Eleanor. Ellie or Ella for short. Judah for a boy. Eleanor popped into my head reading your post and I asked my 2 yo daughter for a boy name like Jameson, I think she said Judah. There... your babe is named. Good luck. Keep us posted. Btw, loved your vintage name thread. And hey, are you in Vermont?
I haven't discussed it with dh yet but i thought of a great name for boy or girl.... Elliot Quinn.
I get chronic headaches sometimes migraines too. A friend at work suggested a few squirts of saline solution up the nose. she absolutely swore by it. worth a try right?
goat cheese, cranberries and nuts over greens. i can't make dressing nearly as well as dh but his tamari maple vin is to die for. i just had a bit of tuna too (first time in ages) with celery and red onion. i have been avoiding protein and feeling lethargic so i'm gonna try and step it up a little. but seriously! if anyone else mentions apple crisp i'm going to implode out of jealousy. i'm just too tired to go pick apples!
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