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Awww, look at that hair!  She's beautiful!  Congrats!
Girl! <3
Requested an invite :)
Mine were worse with #2 than they've been so far with #3...
So I've been having BH contractions for weeks on end.  Today is different somehow in that they are still 15 minutes apart, but they are starting to feel painful...Think I'm getting somewhere?  I'm a week overdue and fighting induction talk with my m/w so I'm clinging to any hope that I might go into labor on my own before Thursday's nst and u/s appt.
I love her name!  Congratulations!! :)
Congratulations!! :)
I'm due tomorrow :)  I've been in prodromal labor for what feels like weeks.  Appt tomorrow with my m/w :)
Congratulations!! :)
Congratulations, Katie!!  
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