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My husband just told me on his way home from work that he got the Flu Mist vax at work today.  We have a 2 mo old at home who is not exclusively breastfed (he is adopted, he gets mostly formula).   So how long does this damn mist shed the live virus?  My husband wants to come home but I told him he can't until he's done being contagious.
Papers are signed and consent is irrevocable.  Finalization aside, he's all ours!!!
We are in New Jersey!  And it's a boy!!!!   The baby was born on Tuesday. Everything happened so fast. J decided she wanted to meet us after all so we had to pack and drive down. We met her yesterday morning. The meeting was very emotional. We won over J's mother who initially did NOT favor adoption. J didn't say much, she is having a very hard time. Prayers would be appreciated for her. She needs them. :( We also got to meet the baby! He's absolutely beautiful!!!...
I just wanted to update here...   Today is J's due date!!!   We're nervous as hell, scared of another massive disappointment, but hopeful and even a little excited.  I was very excited and not at all nervous a couple weeks ago.  I was very confident that it would all work out.  Now that we get closer I'm more a big freaked out ball of exposed nerves.  Hopefully we'll find out soon.
I know I haven't been around for a while, but I thought I'd update here for people who remember me.   We're matched again.  We've had a long wait and a failed match and a couple other close calls.  I really hope this is it.  Mom is due July 9 (31 days, not that I'm counting lol) but apparently has a history of going a bit early.  She doesn't want to meet us so I don't think I'll have much to update for the next month, but I'll post if we hear anything.   I'm...
I'd like to find a protein powder that:   is low fat is not sweetened with stevia or artificial sweeteners doesn't have a lot of added sugar, some is ok not clumpy gritty or chalky comes in chocolate tastes good can be vegetarian or vegan   It's ok if it needs to be blended with fruit/milk to taste good, but just simply stirred into a glass of milk is preferred.
The father called this morning.  He said no.
  Another update from the SW. C still does not know what she wants to do. She met with the social worker today but still can't decide. I feel so awful for her.  She and the baby are scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. If she wants to go ahead with an adoption plan, we will be driving down to the hospital tomorrow and stay in a hotel with the baby. C can legally sign the papers as early as Friday, but being that Friday is Christmas Eve, and that is really a...
C had the baby yesterday at 4:40.  She still doesn't know what she wants to do.  She'll be meeting with a social worker today.  We might know more today or tomorrow.
Still no news from C.  The agency will call us if/when they hear from her.  They'll call us until around 11 tonight, after that we have to wait until morning.
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