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I realize this doesn't help with regular leaking, but my friend took this idea and used it for letdown leaking. She would take a small container and put it over the nipple on the side she wasn't using first and collect all the milk from that letdown. She saved something like 50oz without even having to pump in a few weeks.
Have we heard if the credit is going to be extended again? Or is 2010 the last year for it?
October DDC is posted. I'm taking a break from well, everything for a while. I'll be back prob next week to add the updates.
This is a "Non Due Date Club" for all the Mamas waiting to adopt kiddos, whether newborn or older. We can share our stories, encourage each other while we wait and be patient (or not) for our little ones to arrive. Feel free to join in if you are waiting for a foster kiddo, a relative or an adoption in any stage. We're not trying to be exclusive at all. Mamas who don't have any kids yet but who are waiting to adopt or foster a kiddo are also welcome. Also feel free to...
We said no. I won't be around for a while.
We got a call today about a possible situation. There is an extensive history. **deleted details** Any prayers, info, good thoughts, vibes, anything would be helpful. We have until Friday to decide.
Quote: Originally Posted by sagewinna I'm sorry, krisnic. We have our homestudy visit next Wednesday. I am overwhelmed with the things I want to have done before she comes. I'm so afraid she'll tell us to fix something and have to come back! If that does happen it's not a big deal. We had to lock up some stuff in the garage and she came back a week later, no problems. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by krisnic We are going nowhere with ours. You can take me off of the list unfortunately. I'm sorry.
Here's my update: still nothing. Well, I shouldn't say that. Our agency finally had a placement in August, although it obviously wasn't with us. Our profile was viewed once in July and once in August. So it's better than nothing, which is what was going on all spring/summer. Oh, and we just passed the year mark. It looks like we have at least another year to go.
Our September DDC is up! I found that it was getting a little long and difficult to keep track of people, so I organized it. Let me know what you guys think. I can always put it back, but I really like it better this way. Also, I noticed that there are quite a few people who haven't updated in a while. Let us know how you're doing, even if it's just more waiting.
New Posts  All Forums: