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I would strongly recommend getting a bedwetting alarm, it worked extremely well for us. Bedwetting is more of a sleep issue rather than a bladder issue.  The alarm deals with the sleep issue.  The one I bought was about $70, way cheaper than constantly buying pull-ups.
I'm the opposite in that I'd go for the size 6. I've had two size 4 and I just can't make that size work - too much fabric for a 'shorty' carry and not enough for a the carries I use the most.
I'm so sorry. It's especially hard when you were so far along. (((Hugs)))
I didn't even know Babies R Us had maternity clothes - and I was just in one last Friday.  I guess clothes for me wasn't even on my radar.
No problem. I'm a bit of a wrap addict and I want everyone to have a good experience with them. I didn't know about wraps with my first two and I really wish I had.
I have alternating girl-boy children so I've never experienced the comments about wanting one of the other sex.  I would be so tempted to come back with something like, "Yeah, we've already checked out adoption agencies in case we get stuck with yet another girl/boy."  It lets people know how rude their comments really are without actually saying the words.     Our 7 year old took care of telling her whole school for us and most of the other moms that we see at...
I just try not to go shopping.  It's also handy that we're not finding out the sex so at least I'm not going to load up on gender-specific things that we don't need.   If you don't mind, I'd like to make one suggestion.  Wrapsody is a much nicer brand than Moby if you're looking for a stretchy wrap.  The Moby's tend to be really hot and lose their support quickly.  Wrapsodys, while thinner and cooler, are much more supportive than Mobys.  And they're so beautiful...
It still hasn't completely hit me yet that I'm pregnant even though I'm 13 weeks.  I don't know when it will.  I think I've just had so much going on with my older kids and preparing the basement for insulating and finishing.  Once those things are under control I'll be able to relax more and enjoy things.   Honestly, as bad as it sounds, I'm way more excited about the fact that we're getting a new (working) furnace in a few weeks.  We've been heating exclusively with...
I'm a little disappointed that there's no way I'll still be pregnant on Hallowe'en. I would have liked to do the pregnant skeleton thing. With my third, I was 39 weeks and dh and I were Padme and Anakin Skywalker. With this one, he or she will just be in the amauti when we go out. It's always cold and miserable and wet on Hallowe'en. Not sure what I'll do if we go to anything during the day.
I like Hamish but dh isn't sold on it. We have a girl's name that we've had picked out since our third (a boy) was born. We had a really hard time agreeing on a boys name and it was really bothering me. I was just hoping it word be a girl. We've finally found one that we both like so now we're just I'm the hunt for a middle name. Girls names that I really like but won't use because I prefer the one we've already chosen are Anais and Solene. (Can't put the correct...
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