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CASTLE!   Vampire Diaries Face Off Portlandia SHERLOCK Big Bang Theory
Growing Pains, Little House on the Prairie, Familie Ties.  I also remember wanting Kim and Shane from Days of our Lives to be my parents (mine were going through a divorce).  Now I love Modern Family (I'm Cam and my partner is Mitch- although I'm a bit of Claire too) and Castle (love NF with his mom and daughter) 
Just started watching this.  I love it!!  DP and I laugh hysterically!!  We love all the guest stars too!  Wil Wheaton is a fave.    
I got a message on FB about security asking a mom to stop BFing at Bridgeport Village.  There will be a gathering at 1-4 showing support.  Has anyone heard about this?  I'd like more info please.
totally called that HRG from heroes was going to be Caroline's dad.  Where's Bonnie???
The Dude Sweater (on Ravelry)  My DP is going to be "The Dude" (The Big Lebowski) for halloween.
Yes!  The barbie dress is from    http://www.stickatillbarbie.se/   They have a TON of knitting patterns for barbies and other toys.  Be prepared to spend some time looking through them all.  The shrug is just a rectangle sewed at the ends.     Thank you!!  
sorry my pics are so big!!
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