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Yes, they are concerned about losing credibility which is why you will continue to read articles about this flu and how very scary and dangerous it is.
With or without antibiotics strep will go away in just a few days. Google strep and you should find this. I searched this very question for my sister about a month a go. Feel Better Mama!
Just wanted to chime in here about the legality of her asking you for more. Read the law, carry it, and know it. Don't give the county any more than what is required by law.
Help him meet new kids and hopefully he will make friends that way. These neighborhood kids don't sound like very good friends between the lack of things in common and their attitude towards homeschooling. Have you joined a local homeschool group, community club, or church? When this comes up again I would just tell him to do what he wants. He can choose to play a sport or not. It's up to him. The same would go for any activity.
Quote: Originally Posted by kate42 My DD (6) has expressed a lot of interest in learning martial arts. We are new to the Chattanooga area and I see that there are a lot of karate/tae kwon do schools in our vicinity. Can you give me any insight into what I should look for in a good learning environment? Yes! I do have some advice. Look for a school owner who is passionate, and truly enjoys working with little kids. Talk to the parents and...
Anyone here have a child in karate? My ds age 7 has been taking karate for over a year. It is his PASSION! He takes Kempo Karate. He is in blackbelt training. He learns weapons katas, and spars on the weekends. Tell me about your karate kid.
So sweet! Way to go mama!
OOOOH that Quorn stuff scares me. Thanks for trying to make a suggestion. At this point I think DS is just getting use to life without the convenience soy products.
Fun Thread! I've just gone deeper into knowing who I am and who my children and husband are. We are a very close knit family. What amazes me the most is the way my children will spark passions within me through their interests. For example this year we went to DragonCon because the 13 year old wanted to go and I fell in love. I am not a geek so this was unexpected. BTW, geek and nerd are considered complimentary tags in our home. I've also started playing...
I lived in MD for a while and used an umbrella. If you choose the school district remember it is a review. They do not have the right to tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. Read the law, and know it. Find a local support group. Get on all the local yahoo groups you can find and get a support network going. As far as making the transition: Read books and websites on unschooling, connect with other unschoolers, and LIVE life as if school never existed....
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