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That means she is not absorbing it and it's staying in the gut instead.  I would either do lower amounts of sodium ascorbate and more often to see if that is better tolerated, or use liposomal. http://amzn.to/11svRrg  
Monkeybean, I would use the Thorne vitamin K2 which is not from dairy or soy - plus high amounts of minerals.  The Thorne is MK4 formof K2, which needs to be dosed 3x per day.  The MK7 form (in fermented foods: cheese and natto) lasts longer in the body and only needs to be dosed 1x per day.  Jarrow K2 is a good source of MK7 but it is from soy. The new book "Calcium Paradox" is excellent at explaining vitamin K2... how it disappeared from the diet, exactly how it...
I would and there is more than one test to check.
Nuturebaby, If you have Hashi's you need to be very careful about iodine and other thyroid support... it sound to me that your doctor is not up on the research and the supplements.  I would find an iodine literate practitioner listed at Breast Cancer Choices website.  I would not eat seaweed or take kelp supplements at all because they can be contaminated, see THE Iodine Thread for more info. Are you taking selenium?
Swing hypo and hyper sounds autoimmune to me, Barcino.   I'd have the 3 antibodies tests recommended at Stop the Thyroid Madness' website.  I think 30 is low for D, it should be above 50.  Yes conversion could indeed be an issue if you are on Synthroid and there are a number of things that effect conversion.  And the fact that Synthroid might not be the best med for you.  Are you supp'ing with selenium?
Current info on Japan and iodine recs on Dr. Brownstein's blog: http://drdavidbrownstein.blogspot.com/   While I do think the radiation danger is minimal, there are so many other daily toxins we are exposed to in our food, drink and environment that displace iodine in the body: fluoride, chlorine, bromide, perchlorate, etc.  
Vit. C would be most important I imagine since it neutralizes histamine.  Also the bioflavonoids. If you are not sensitive to the sals in acerola or camu powder I would try that first b/c I had such a good response on it.  The bioflavonoids like rutin, quercitin, etc. keep the vit. c circulating longer.  I think it makes sense that whole food c is what the human body is meant to take on a daily basis (not sure it I posted this article here or not forgive me if it's a...
It means that calcium is not being well absorbed by the body so it goes higher in the bloodstream and deposits itself in various places, tartar on teeth, bumps on skin, effects muscles by makign them stiff, insomnia, etc. different for different people.    
DS reacted with full body eczema to rice cereal to it's definitely possible to be allergic to any food not necessarily just the top 8.
RA is almost always gluten intolerance, see this article at Enterolab and their testing is top notch: https://www.enterolab.com/StaticPages/EarlyDiagnosis.aspx   Also RA is correlated with hypothyroidism type 2 with normal blood tests as described on my thread about that.   I just read this very interesting article the other day.  While it doesn't pertain to FPIES in particular, I thought the concept of "not being able to produce antibodies" due to TH1 dominance extremely...
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