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Oh brother.... from Dec Feingold Family Pages http://www.feingoldmemberinfo.com/decemberhome.html  
Moving is oh so fun!   It's not bad.  But I was leisurely moving stuff over for last couple weeks, then go sidelined by last minute work... now the crunch is on!   Will not have internet from Sat-Wed.  I may go over to the library (can walk there, yay!!)  to check in.   CS, my DS was low in zinc but I notice the finger chewing with a food reaction   FireWithin, I think the regular capsules (Blue Ice might be processed differently) are not...
All that I can say about high vitamin D is that I haven't been sick in 2 years.  After facing pneumonia in Dec. several years ago, this is huge for me. 
The problem is that although the Ped fully supports chiro she doesn't feel like she can order it to be given b/c it's not standard treatment and she couldn't defend it to the powers that be... regardless the fact that it was a great success and DS tolerated it fantastically.   I really just want to get to a place where all our concerns are heard and dealt with so I'll keep fighting until they are.   Quote: LOL... collective mama bear growl!!!!  Well the croup is the...
Ha... and I'm gonna do it again, had this window open and forgot to add it to my first post....   Cool and cheap glasses: http://www.warbyparker.com/womens-eyewear
also low iron is another reason besides adrenal problems to react to thyroid hormone supplements   http://www.thyroid-rt3.com/adrenals.htm    (it happened to me, my ferritin is low and also have adrenal issues but I clearly need more thyroid hormone from my sx and family hx)   http://www.thyroid-rt3.com/iron.htm       
Sorry for the multiple posts!  I have been so good lately at NOT doing this too....   To Change Your Signature:   -go to "My Profile" link in main menu bar at top of page. -Sig. link is at the very bottom of this page
  Gastro is lower in proteases and higher in grain/veggie type of enzymeshttp://www.enzymedica.com/products/Gastro     Yes, enzymes did that with both me and DS.    But 1/2 cap of Digest Basic is wicked low, that enzyme is the least dose they make.  Stop enzymes for a few days then start again smaller.    Probably the filler they used... if it's cellulose it interferes with absorption.  Can you try letting it dissolve under your tongue so you get the hormone directly...
Chlobo, These Airfree mold sterilizers come highly recommended http://www.allergybuyersclubshopping.com/af-ap-airfree-air-purifiers.html?itemId=7
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