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I filed after years of STBX threatening to file but never doing anything about it. He has refused to talk to me outside of therapy and mediation for almost 3 years now.  
I'm stuck with rejects too it's so annoying. Sometimes I just pay more at WholeFoods for new things b/c they take returns so easily.
if he is sensitive to annatto or the other flavorings, yes. And yes, vitamin D is energizing. You can take it out and see if the wake ups continues. 400 iu is too low if you are in Canada. www.vitamindcouncil.org
Organic white palm shortening from Spectrum and Whole Foods 365 is mechanically processed, no chemicals. I would not think red palm is salicylate free http://www.marksdailyapple.com/palm-oil-nutrition/
vitamin D at nighttime or earlier during day? Vit. D is energizing. Which one?
We use a plain glycerin soap from Whole Foods and palm oil shortening for skin cream. A lot of mineral makeup has bismuth, a serious allergen, so check on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamafish9 Try magnesium supps for the ADHD as well - mag deficiency is very common, particularly amongst kids with ADHD behaviors. ETA: Before going gluten & dairy free, I'd try taking out salicylates and dyes/flavors (this is largely Feingold, but you can do it without following the Feingold diet). Here's a guide that tells you what foods are high in...
sorry hit reply too soon.... my DS has never eaten preservatives, artificial colors, flavors etc b/c of his food allergies. The few times he has gotten them, they turned him into an angry, hitting insomniac. He also is sensitive to natural foods with high salicylates: berries, tomato sauce, raisins, honey, almonds, etc. He gets eczema, insomnia, incontinence, sleep disturbances and behavioral issues if he eats them.
www.feingold.org www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info http://failsafediet.wordpress.com/
We've seen that alot in allergies... food intolerances specifically. Any new foods/vitamins?
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