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Quote: Originally Posted by Keeta I haven't tried this recipe, but it looks good! It's vegan, so it might be an option if you're trying to limit your dairy intake. VegCooking Green Bean Casserole Just wanted to say that the Vegcooking recipe is my go to Green Bean Casserole recipe! All the omni's I serve it to, enjoy it as well. I think next time I make it, I'll add some diced mushrooms and a little more seasoning.
I like Jillian's Drawers, too. She has some great cloth trial packs, where you can try out several types of diapers and send back what you don't like. I plan to do that when my baby (yet to be born) is out of newborn sizes.
Thanks ladies. I went ahead and ordered a dozen from The Changing Pad. I ended up getting a 10% discount because it was a dozen, so it was only about 1.89 each. Then I ordered 2 snappies and shipping was only $1.20. So it worked out well.
I hope you don't mind me asking this here, but I think it's a relevant question. How do you know if it's diaper service quality? I'm looking for 12 infant prefolds, but don't want to pay $7 to ship them. Are these a safe bet?
I tried vinegar, too, for our carpet after our pup had an accident. I think the vinegar made the smell worse at first! It does settle a bit when it dries, but I went out and bought some biokleen bac-out to neutralize the smell. So far it's working. I just want to reapply another time or two and keep rinsing it out until all the smell is gone! Good luck!
I just read that the sckoon pad needs to be washed in not high temperatures, so I won't be washing it with the dipes. That said, is it ok to mix the other fabrics? Sherpa, velour, hemp, cotton, and fleece? I'm mainly asking because of the hemp and organic cotton.
I have 12 kissaluvs size 0, 24 kissaluv terry wipes, a sample set of wipes from Emi Beans, and a Sckoon pad that I've just gotten in. (Don't ya love fluffy mail?) Unfortunately, I haven't found/bought the detergent that I will use for my fluffies yet, but I want to start the initial washings. Can I just use some baking soda to start? I'll probably run to the store after I start the load, but I want to try out that mama cloth asap! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by p1gg1e Egg nog.. but I'm lactose intolerant and the silk nog ain't cutting it!: Try adding some nutmeg and cinnamon to it? My craving is easy, crushed ice! The more like a snowcone the better, hehe.
Hi, I"m new to the forums and am pregnant with my first! I'm 29weeks along and have gained about 12-13 lbs. I had an 8lb growth spurt between my 19 and 23 weeks. I guess we should all gain a lb or so each week from here on out in the third trimester. It's reassuring to hear that you other ladies are dropping the weight fast once the baby is born!
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