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lmao, yeah. That had to be the weirdest birth scene ever. I was like, 'bohemian rhapsody, really?' lol
This was my favorite episode ever! <3 Artie.
Yes, Mellencamp song was awful, but that was the point. hah I'm glad he's over his lumberjack look.
I'm pretty sure that Fox only titled this episode 'Hell-O' by mistake. The real title should have been 'god awful bow wearing in random places episode.'
Awesome, Heather. Thank you so much!
Heather, would you mind passing the ozone doc info this way? I would love to know of a local source rather than flying across the country to get it. Thanks!
We bought one from Mariengold, too. The link is above in calynde's post. Here's a pic of ours: http://yarnyoga.com/blog/?p=529 I bought it for my one year old. He's not overly interested in it right now, but my three year old favors the mariengold doll over his 'little friend' doll from nova natural.
a. Who you are SAHM to two boys under 3. b. Where you are going (your financial goals) and I am really just trying to get a grip on my spending and take a breather from all the spending around the holidays, despite many handmade gifts. My boys' birthdays are in Jan and Feb, so it just feels like the holidays are finally stopping. c. How you plan to get there I have a few things that I plan to purchase (Sonicare, MI Paste Plus, 2 shirts for dyeing, and a sew n sew)...
Quote: Originally Posted by LizzyQ Everything cooked at home is vegan.. lunch is usually FFY and/or leftovers I like that, LizzQ! Same here! My husband isn't vegan, but my boys and I are so we tend to eat on leftovers for quite a while! 1. Spaghetti with french green lentils and shredded zucchini in the sauce and a homemade roll (we bake them halfway and then freeze them for quick 'fresh' bread in the evenings) 2. Couscous with mixed...
Any idea where this recipe is from? We tried these a while back and loooved them! I'm getting ready to make them again. Thank you for sharing it! Quote: Originally Posted by flipsforfun These might just be the best cookies I've ever had. EVER. And they're vegan to boot. CHOCOLATE CHIP & PEANUT BUTTER OAT COOKIES* * Ingredients:* 1 ½*cups unbleached flour ½ cup rolled or old-fashioned oats ½ tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. salt 1 cup light...
New Posts  All Forums: