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I am so sorry.
Cute babies!!
A big hell yes to Robyn's post. Well said.    
Oooh, or how about this zinemama -- what if I want to talk about the ways in which my VBAC sucked? Where does that fit into the MDC Birthing Orthodoxy?    
  And that goes for "failed" natural birth with my first (c/s), "failed" VBAC attempt with my second (c/s), and actually also for my pretty shitty but "successful" VBA2C last month.   dlm 194, I have been here for a long time, dealing with c/s, RCS, VBAC issues for a long time. The Mothering approach to censoring c/s talk is absurd and marginalizing.  
Also, FYI: LactMed's entry on Zoloft (sertraline).
I transferred but I know I had to. So I am not dealing with questioning my decision. But it sucked really hard.  
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