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In MN the monthly amount is multiplied by 12 and divided by 52. I would consult the local child support enforcement agency in your county for help.
Judges generally don't like to allow deals like that. And his obligation to CS doesn't stop after he has more kids- your child was born first. He doesn't get to pick and choose what kids he will support.
you could bring it up in mediation. Or you could smile and wave everytime you see her. the mediation probably won't do much. smiling and waving will make you feel good and will raise her BP 20 points. that's a win/win in my book.
Quote: Originally Posted by monkeysmommy Thanks everybody for your input. We decided to give her another chance. I apologized for jumping to conclusions that she had just flaked but I let her know that she absolutely cannot do anything like this ever again. She sent me a very nice email saying she would love the opportunity to work with us again but she will need a couple of weeks rest and that she would totally understand if that didn't work for us. I am...
I would talk to a lawyer now. There are places where judges do not like to terminate rights unless there is a step parent adoption in the *near* future. I would consult a lawyer before I sent him *anything* else. Honestly, if he wasn't doing anything i would let sleeping dogs lie.
i'm sorry that has to be hard. I'm shocked the DV shelter didn't tell you to deliver the police a copy of the order and tell them about your situation. Stay safe.
It sucks but the more you engage, the more he will depend on you.
I'm planning on loans and praying for childcare assistance from the county. I did have to quit homeschooling. I just continue to spread myself so thin. Healthcare programs are demanding.
Unless you can prove it- he'll likely get away with it. I'd go for the bank records or talk to the employer.
My ex rarely takes the kids. And when he does, it's for 4 maybe 5 hrs. at a time. If i had a 'free' weekend, i would work. Or break out my sewing machine and sew. Or play all my music I can't listen to around the kids while I eat Chunky Monkey from the carton and dance around in my jammies. Wait, that last bit may be just me....lol
New Posts  All Forums: