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My DS is retractable (3 yrs old). I don't have him, or offer to, dry the exposed glands. Just like I don't dry out my little girl's inner labia. 
A great pedi in TO is Dr Kawasaki. She's very MDC. Re: Dr Peterson, I've heard that's she's great with everything other than vaccines. A friend ended up firing her after yet another lecture by the doc when they again declined whatever vax was on the 'schedule'. We see Dr Hughes in Ventura at Surfside peds and LOVE her. As a co-sleeping, intact, non-vax, full term nursing, tandem nursing, etc family we feel supported and respected but also given the information from the...
I did! I had PTL due to a huge pocket of blood in with DD. The bleed/PTL was at 28 weeks and for 10 weeks I was either in the hospital due to other complications or on strict bedrest at home. I really liked the Procardia, way better than the Terb and way, way better than the mag and Terb cocktail. I did find that I needed to remember to take it exactly when it was due or I'd start getting crampy. I was on it until I hit week 36 and I went into labor (PROM, so still no...
No, you can't 'get in trouble'. That said, I really like to keep in touch with our pedi and because she doesn't hassle me about vaccinations we go in every 6-9months for a check up. 
Nope. Interesting ideas but not at all why we don't vax.
You know, I have! I did EC part time with my son! I should stop thinking of doing it with her and DO IT!  I did have a huge breakthrough since my post. My diapers had a big ammonia buildup and on top of that I figured out that DD's rash was yeast. I stripped the diapers and used GV on DD. CURED! 
We go to a practice with two peds. Ped #1 I saw with DS and I went in for talk about vaccines when DS was coming up on his 8 week well-baby. He gave his whole story....herd immunity, pet vaccinations, etc. but ended with 'But, you know, God gave you this baby, not me, it's your decision.". DD has been seen by the other doc. In the hospital this doc came to see us and my birth plan had 'no Hep B' on it and doc asked if we aren't vaccinating at all or just Hep B. I told...
WOW! I'm so glad I have a pedi who is respectful of our vaccination decisions. While we aren't currently a vaccinating family I feel as if I could easily have a calm, rational, educated discussion with our doctor. To the OP, doctor, it's the feeling of respect and being listened to that keeps me open to my pedi's pro-vax views. Never in a million years would she dream of talking to me as you've typed to the PP's.
My daughter (intact) gets miserable rashes, poor girl. My son (intact) does not. I'd guess it's just the kiddo's individual sensitivity. 
I did!! It was fantastic! My hospital/ob/anesthesiologist typically doesn't allow it because it does require an extra person to help mom with baby. Thankfully a good friend of mine is a LD nurse in that hospital and she came in, off the clock, and did this. She also sweet talked the anesthesiologist into it! DD was bought out of me, glanced at under the warmer for a very brief amount of time...under 90 seconds I'd guess, and then loosely wrapped (per birthplan) and set...
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