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You say the fries were extra crispy...did they have a coating on them to make them a little extra crispy. I've had fries like that before and they are delicious but I've figured out that they are battered fries and they have milk in them. I'm just wondering if this might be what you got? The restaurant may batter them themselves or more likely, they buy them already frozen this way. Just a thought.
It's very cute. I often find women with short hair to look more feminine then with long hair. You can see cheekbones and collar bones. You're right, you can't hide behind anything when it's so short. I cut my hair pretty short before and the comments were similar to what you've been hearing. I was pretty surprised. I kind of want to cut it really short right now. Hmmmmm.
I probably don't get enough water, thanks for the reminder. I get lots of excercise. I'm not pregnant.
I don't have any other symptoms. I've lost a lot of weight since having DD 2 years ago but I think it's due to nursing, diet changes and just being more active from taking care of a wild baby and toddler. I don't think that it's abnormal. Amila, While I'm not happy to hear that your dd has swollen nodes, I am happy for your post. It reminds me that maybe I need to just chill out a little and not worry. I didn't realize that they can stay swollen forever after and...
Yikes June, that is scary! Bu I can see it happening without enough mental and physical stimulation. They are different dogs for sure! Yesterday he chased a ball and brought it back Too bad our other dogs took that game over from him, poor guy.
Thanks FrannieP. I am so frustrated. I tried very unsuccessfuly to talk to both doctors about my concerns and felt like they really just brushed me off. I am nervous to go to another doctor for fear hat they will also bruh me off. I've been researching like crazy and even talked with the dotors about autoimmune disease and hernia, they didn't seem to listen. I kind of just want to find a more holistic practitiner who will try to get to the bottom of it. I have...
I love hearing all the different stories about these little dogs. Carrie, your dogs are so cute! He won't yet herd a ball, soccer nor excercise but I think it's because my overzealous border collie gets to them first.
nak I feel kind of weird posting this on a message board but need some help. I have had a swollen lymph node in my groin for 6 months now. I went to an MD at 2 months. He put me on antibiotics and ran a CBC blood panel. Everything came back normal. I had a horrible time in trying to communicate with him so I decided to find a new doctor. The new doctor spent about 3 minutes with me. She checked my other lymph nodes and found no sign of swelling anywhere else. ...
We decided to adopt the little guy. He's such a good dog, so smart and we really love him. He's doing well. He chases the cat and still goes a little bit nuts when we leave but he has been getting better so I think it's mainly just a matter of time. I'm looking forward to getting to know him more. I sure hope he doesn't decide to dig a den in the yard but if he does well... I always liked forts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird Girl Fidget was pretty mellow in the house, as long as he got his exercise and games. He could fetch until your arm fell off. We basically never sat and watched tv without rolling his ball down the hall and into the kitchen for him. He loved multi-step problems. He learned that if he fetched my tennis shoes, one at a time, then I'd be quicker about taking him for his walk. He realized, after one bad guess, that I required...
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