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Good for you! The first few times were hard for me too. It'll get easier.
How do you deal with a person who says and does hurtful things and then when you try to talk to them about how they hurt you by what they said and did they deny ever saying or doing said things. My sister has done this all of my life and it is making me crazy. I used to wonder if I was crazy because she never remembered all of the hurtful things but I realize that she's in deep denial. She hit me, doesn't remember it ever happening. A few weeks ago she made a very...
wow, you've put up with a lot of s***t from her. good for you for letting her go, as hard as it is, she is NOT a good friend.
I don't have any advice but can relate. DD is 20 months old, when she is around children who are younger then her, or even her same age she gets very possessive of toys and of her space in general. She yells and screams when the kids get close to her. When she's around older kids (like a year or more older) she does much better, is cooperative and happy to play with them.
We relocated from San Antonio TX to Denver about 3 years ago. We sold our house in just 3 days and my husband was able to transfer with his company. In fact we've survived a few major moves. If you want to do it, go for it, it'll work out if it's meant to be. We moved for similar reasons, all of our family is in Colorado and we wanted a change. San Antonio was cool in it's own way but just not for us long term.
DD, 18 months fills a cup with bathwater and calls it coffee, then she chugs it. It's so gross but also very funny.
Well, I ended up watcing him. When I spoke to sil she said that the diarrhea was gone and that the cough wasn't contagious anymore. They needed someone to watch him while they ran in a thanksgiving day race so it was only a short time. He came over and he was wheezing, I could hear every breath he took. He obviosly had a lot of fluid in his lungs and when he coughed I could hear it gurgling up. He is normally very very mellow but he fussy and cried unless I was...
I want to be as honest as possible with her and explain how marijuana effects the body and brain. In fact I want to teach her how all drugs effect the body and brain. I want to avoid lumping all drugs into te same category and saying things like "don't do drugs" "drugs are bad". I think some drugs are much more dangerous then others. I will tell her along with an explanation why I think she should stay away from most drugs completely. I will let her know that if she...
My dd spit up a lot. She even threw up my milk a few times and in retrospect once was after I ate a lot of cheese, another time was after I ate a blizzard from dairy queen (yummy). She was really fussy, gassy, wanted to be upright all of the time. She never had exczema or cradle cap. It took me longer to make the food connection so she was close to a year old when I cut dairy and then soy. Her poop changed from 3 diarrhea diapers a day to one solid or mostly solid...
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