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Hi, akingme! Thank you for your support of MDC. For the Trading Post, you would just need to go here to start threads to sell your stuff! Once Paypal has cleared (and yours has) your subscription to the Trading Post enables your account to start new threads in the Trading Post for the duration of your one week subscription--no password necessary. Please let me know if you have any problems, thanks!
Yes, it's accessible to read to those who have a minimum of 50 posts and 60 days of membership. Posting new threads in the forum actually requires a paid subscription ($1 for one week, $5 for six weeks) unless you are a Supporter or Advertiser. Supporter and Advertiser subscriptions include Trading Post capabilities. But, the entire forum is free to view after 50 posts and 60 days. 
I'm not sure what exactly might have gone wrong with some of the uploads but not others. I'm very sorry. Here are the step-by-step instructions for uploading images:     Upload and Embed an Image from Your Computer In a forum post or wiki article, find the Image button which looks like this:  Click the button to open the Image Tool. To upload and insert an image saved on your computer, click "Browse."  This open is set as the default...
Hi, thank you for asking and very sorry for the delay! I believe there have been printing delays. I have been informed that issues should be arriving shortly in mailboxes. Any specific questions about subscriptions, delays, etc. can be sent to subscriptions@mothering.com   Thank you so much for your support of MDC/Mothering!
Has been removed. Any concerns about MDC advertisements need to be taken privately either via PM or administrator@mothering.com   Thanks!      How do I report inappropriate ads? Please send an email to administrator@mothering.com. We appreciate your help! When contacting us regarding an ad, including the following information will help us be as responsive as possible:   URL/link to the website Name of the company/product Location of ad on page...
I believe it's a software default that is explained here. I don't think it's something that can be removed. Let me see what I can find out!   
No, editing is quite welcome and especially encouraged if you've overshared in a post and are concerned about privacy. We ask that members not mass delete their posts through editing because it can extremely disruptive to conversations. The rule about asking members not to delete their content like that is more than five years old, I believe.     If you have a particular instance you would like to discuss, please PM me or email administrator@mothering.com rather than...
Personally, I think it's a huge relief to know that all children have a dedicated caregiver (or someone easily accessible on-call) throughout the labor. I'd highly recommend it simply for peace of mind, even if you don't end up calling them, having someone on-call is ideal, IME.    Best wishes! 
Hi, we are scheduled for more software updates this coming Monday, January 31st around 1 pm EST/10 am PST.    Commenting:   With this release, we will now be able to leave comments for the following types of content:   wiki articles image albums album photos member lists product reviews   The feature was developed to promote personal conversation so email notifications are sent after someone comments on their...
      Thank you for that link, Sarah. I'm just about the laziest baker ever, and I love baking my own bread with the Artisinal main recipe. I'd not seen the Healthy Breads book, so I'm off to check that out!   beckington, if you're out and about a lot, these recipes are totally for you! Really, not much beats homemade bread so I'm sure you'll enjoy either option (stand or machine). Let us know what you decide. 
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