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Oh, I am all for stocking up and loving a deal, but on the show I saw, there's absolutely no way a single family could ever, in their entire lifetime, use all the stuff they were bringing into the home on a regular basis. 
No, no show this week. Bummer. The next new show is next Wednesday when they're having Italian Night. The promos are reminding us that three of the remaining chefs are Italian: Antonia, Mike and Favi. Guest judge Elaine Bracco who was in Good Fellas and Sopranos. Yes, I'm filled with useless information today! 
I'd vote stand mixer. I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer which will most likely be passed down to my grandchildren...that's how sturdy and awesome that thing is. It lives on my counter top--that's how often I use it. A total investment. I don't care for bread machine bread personally.    My vote would be stand mixer and the book Artisinal Bread in Five Minutes a Day. 
We took the bed off its frame and placed the bed in the corner so there were only two edges to possibly roll off of---the foot and the far edge. I took the space closest to the wall and babies slept in the middle between me and my partner who was on the "outside" edge. Worked great through three co-sleeping children. Of course, my bed is still on the floor even though no one's in danger of rolling off anymore!    With my first, I was extra-cautious and laid pillows...
Moving over to Single Parenting with member's approval. 
We are happy to announce QueenOfTheMeadow as MDC's Moderator of the Month for February 2011! QueenOfTheMeadow has been a member of MDC since 2005 and has been a moderator since 2008. She currently moderates Special Needs Parenting, The Case Against Circumcision, Natural Body Care, Arts & Crafts and WAHMWell.        How did you first find MDC? I have been reading Mothering since I was pregnant with my first son 13 years ago. I saw an ad in the magazine and...
Hi, we're happy to announce doubledutch as our featured MDC Member of the Month! doubledutch been a member of the community since 2007.      How did you first find MDC? When I was expecting my first, I spend a lot of sleepless wee hours online, researching all those big decisions we have to make as parents, and a lot of my searches turned up discussions on MDC. I don't believe I registered for an account until my second was born when I was finally ready to start...
Hi, congratulations! We don't currently have a grandmothering forum, but you are welcome to start a Tribe and see who else is out there! 
Here's another great thread, too: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1268301/domestic-goddesses-i-need-help-with-laundry
I would recommend Square Foot Gardening. It's really a great concept and they spell everything out really nicely, esp. for beginners. Congratulations on your new yard!!! 
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