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Liver issue? Other than that... I got nothin'. Hope you can figure it out.
Wow. That's something you don't see every day. Interesting.
Greetings from the mountains! I'm in an apprenticeship which is really wonderful. My preceptor (a CNM) and I attended our first birth together on Christmas morning. It was a beautiful birth and also the birth of her home birth practice- truly auspicious! Was so nice to hear her say that she's found my presence invaluable. ( I can't even begin to tell you what that means to me.) My story (if you know me, you know it) is long (I'm 51), and begins with an ill-timed,...
Thank you for your support and kindness! Mama Rabbit: your time management astounds me and this "old dog" is learning "a new trick" from you in that regard.
Hi folks! I have not been here in a month of Sundays! Currently I'm still working a part time parenting support worker position, at a local nonprofit. This is a very flexible position, enabling my doula work (client due any day now), and now also enabling my apprenticeship which I just began last month. I'm also participating in a monthly midwifery study group. I'm spending most of December on call for either my doula client or the midwife's client. I waited a...
Did y'all see MANA's response? http://mana.org/response.html
MANA's response: http://mana.org/response.html
Seen this? http://www.midwife.org/documents/ACN...orMidwives.pdf What do you think?
Well, it's a novel... it's about a few things like the co-opting of the power of birth by men and the insinuation of electrical power (sold by men) into daily life, the power of birth, the power of women- it's about many layers of power. It offers insights into women's community and women's leadership and support. Again... it's a novel. Is it positive? Well, it's really in the eye of the beholder in my opinion. I liked it myself.
I don't pretend to know much, but... What about use of a rebozo? Just thinking out loud.
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