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As an elder pagan clergy (I honor the G/god/s/ess/es) and interfaith, non-denominational wedding officiant/minister, there are a variety of ways to integrate elements of various traditions that work for everyone and honor those sacred traditions. A pagan wedding does not have to be shocking or offensive either. I've yet to officiate one that was to any of the attendees including Christian grandparents and others who might have different and strong sensibilities. The...
Look what happens since I was here last???!!! People are dreamin' vividly, getting pregnant, and stuff! Well, I just booked my roundtrip flights to the Midwifery Today conference and back, in March. I guess I'm really goin', eh? I'm excited. Been writing a book report on a midwifery book I've owned and read and reread for over 25 years now... and whaddya know!... I'm having bad writer's block about it. Can't tell ya' how silly I feel. It's like I know this book...
I'm going to the whole thing too... all the way from the boonies! Whoo! Gonna fly all that way and boy will my arms be tired!
Hi... I'm Joyce and I'm a second year midwifery student in a distance academic program at Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery and am very happy to finally be following my calling. I am currently a doula supporting local women and families. I also work part time as a parenting support worker for a local non-profit that offers support to low income families and individuals. I am thinking of all my midwifery student sisters and wishing smooth success and happiness to...
The "Scenera" is a poor design... that rigid pull down piece in the front doesn't protect even though it's hard/padded. It actually will encourage a very unhealthy posture in the event of a collision in which the spine will "bend" in an unnatural place... so I would never use a seat like this. (I've seen some xrays that were pretty nasty, showing the damage that can be incurred as a result. A 5-point harness system is actually much safer. Rear-facing is MUCH safer and...
Anyone attend the very recent MANA conference?
Hi everyone...studying, current doula client gonna go anytime now... working at my job. Turning 50 on Monday (the 13th). Wishing everyone a wonderful month. Thinking of you all... all my sisters in midwifery... sending supportive thoughts for all our paths. J.
Many Blessings! J.
ME! Going for the whole time. J.
Oh Ms. Black... I so agree with you... truly. (but that's probably not a surprise) J.
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