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Hey NY sister! Hello and weclome! I second that query about where in NY you are... I am a northern upstater in the Adirondack Mtns... near Gore Mt. Ski Center, and I am a doula! Enjoy MDC and it's nice to see sister NY'ers joining the community here. J.
First of all... in my opinion and experience, the term "birth junkie" invalidates the depth of human experience, both of addiction and of birth. I tried to resist this discussion. Partly because I've felt stung by those who think such a serious discussion of the term "birth junkie" is laughable. I'm still shocked by that attitude but I know it takes all kinds to make a world. I don't get it, I totally don't agree with it, but that's me. I come from a whole different...
Tahiti is a good choice! (Love it!) J.
Hi folks! Busy, busy... trusting all is well with y'all! pittnurse... we got yer back! I send you supportive thoughts. hotwings... happy and safe trails to El Paso and home again when you are done there. Do good stuff! I know you will! Hope I get a chance to follow your doings on your blog. : Y'all keep on keeping on!... J.
My daughter is 25 now and has ALWAYS called my husband and me by our first names- ALWAYS. In contrast, we have two other children (my two sons are 23 and 28 years old) and they both call us Mom and Dad. Go figure. It never mattered to us- using our names didn't take anything away from our power to parent. Anyone in our town who knows us and our children also knows how much our children- ESPECIALLY our daughter- respect and love us. It simply is. J.
Y'know this "attack" on homebirth and midwifery, tells me that we are on the right track and this is the right time. ACOG and the AMA know they are on borrowed time as far as having all the power and control on this issue. The Emperor has no clothes. They have essentially been setting up a monopoly around birth for the allied industries who benefit most. They've used lies and obfuscation to elicit fear of birth and now they are exposed. So of course their reaction is...
Howdy! Life is happenin'! Busy stuff going on at work- garden work, development of our pregnancy/birth/parenting lending library, winding down our mom-kiddo playgroup and trying to develop a bit of a summer program for moms-wee kids so there is some continuity. Developing stats for the end of our fiscal year. In my private work, I have a couple doula clients due in the fall, still studying midwifery like crazy, and with doula clients there's more chance of being at...
...And you did it in your own way and time and your careproviders were respectful. WELCOME ZOE! Happy babymoon! Blessed Be! J.
Greetings from the mountains! Very busy here: job, midwifery study/homework, and then my boss wants me to certify as a doula so am in the midst of that (which is not a bad thing, since I'll be seeing births) with a couple of clients (one maybe and one mostly sure to use me) this fall. So I just have not had time to come to this thread to post- just to read. Enjoy the day!... J.
Welcome to the land of 49! I've been here since this past October- it's great! Enjoy! J.
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