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Quote: we ourselves are the "second coming of christ : J.
Quote: I'm thinking about looking into getting some college classes: phlebotomy, anatomy & physiology, maybe biology. Any ideas for other classes that would be beneficial? I wonder if you might find something interesting to take in women's studies? There is also something called medical anthropology... that might be worth looking into as well... and how 'bout good ol' nutrition? Back to the vocab. Won't be completing that by 3/1/08, but might reach...
Trying to get to Midwifery & More but I get a message "connection timed out"... what's up with that server? (I'm assuming it's the server that is referred to) I'd like to sign up, myself. J.
Seems like all is well. J.
beansricerevolt... seems like you are confused. Or perhaps I am? Allow me to share what I think this thread is about: This is a support thread for the beliefs expressed in the OP. This does not seem to be a Christian thread (of which there are certainly many in the Spirituality forum- all of which, I am sure, welcome those who believe in that way). That is all I am pointing out. If I have misunderstood something or offended you, please accept my apology. :heart J.
I'm south of you in Warren County, and I send you greetings and welcome! I live near Gore Mountain ski center. Enjoy! J.
Respectfully... I believe we are all divine and are creators... so... it really IS "WE are the ones we've been waiting for."... for me. Also... I am not Christian. I am pagan but my whole path is valuable to me and part of that path are Jesus' teachings and not necessarily the ones the Church decided were ok either. I do follow Jesus' teachings... but I do not believe he is the only way. I do not need an intercessor to G-d... and I am not monotheistic either. I...
As a Reiki Master/Teacher in my 19th year of practice and 12th year of teaching it at all levels, I can say that when I read your post, my only thought was exactly as this practitioner's was: that you might feel upset by your son's releases. We actually have to leave our agendas at the door to allow for most appropriate release for each and every client's highest good, whatever that is, because we don't know what their highest good is. Reiki is the least invasive,...
Howdy all! Hey there you new faces- good to see you here too! Been busy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Work has not been so busy, but now I am helping my boss write a second grant for the program I created, The A-B-C Program, which stands for After the Baby Comes Program, which entails promoting better planning for smoother adjustment in postpartum for women and families, promotes awareness and prevention of postpartum depression (we wrote a...
This saying has been playing through my mind and heart in the recent days: "We are the ones we've been waiting for." Thought I'd throw that in- seems appropriate. Time to build what people call the Kingdom of G-d on Earth... beginning from within us. Just a thought that's been percolatin' for about a year or so. J.
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