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Our other thread was really getting long and I thought maybe it'd be good to start a new one... appropriately on New Years Day 2008! This year will be full of wonder for all of us, Dear Ones- I can just feel it! May your studies progress most appropriately to completion with ease, may your eyes see clearly, may your hands touch gently, may your trust in birth bring comfort and support to the women, babies, and families you will touch this year. J.
New Year's greetings from the mountains! Heavy snow falling now. Lots of it! Watched a torchlight ski parade last night up on the nearby ski resort mountain, and then they had fireworks too. The torchlight ski parade looked like a kind of ancient acknowledgement of the spirit of the land/mountains... it looked like a serpent- representing the ancient knowingness of the land- of light coming down the mountain. It was very beautiful. I know it was just a cool thing...
Here's a couple thoughts that have evolved over my years of relationship with the Energy: 1- Books are great, but they do not replace the real teacher, which is the Energy. Learning through your devoted practice is the most valuable source of knowledge. Let me elucidate: I withdrew from all Reiki "community" in between each level of attunement for a total of about 6 years (give or take). Back in my very beginning of learning and developing as a Reiki practitioner,...
Reiki practitioner/teacher with 19 years' practice and about a dozen years of teaching, here. J.
The river is flowing, flowing and growing The river is flowing, down to the sea Mother, carry me, your child I will always be Mother, carry me, down to the sea No longer a seperate drop of water Jess has flowed into the beautiful sparkly sea spanning all shores... ...Just as we all will one day. Blessed Be J.
What a special woman she must have been and how tragic a loss for you all. Supportive thoughts come to all. J.
I'm 49 and started midwifery school (MSTM) this past fall. I guess if 30's are a later age, that I must be regarded as ancient. Anyhow... it'll be fine whenever you choose to begin. The calling doesn't seem to abandon anyone regardless of when they are able to actively begin their midwifery education. Supportive thoughts come to you. J.
You are so lucky, Apricot, to have others to talk to here, as well as just having all this really good support. (I am just returning to midwifery as a student after a very brief apprenticeship that I left for a lot of reasons- but that's my story and this is not about me) Someone said Quote: I WOULD go back, because if you think the review was so bad, there is only one place to go from here...up! I agree with this. You have nothing to lose by ...
Yes, I do know of that round'n'round about Cytotec a while back- and I do know where to find it... I think someone posted the link in this thread, in fact. But you provided just the particular info I was seeking about it at this point, though, and thanks, DocJ. I see by reading about it elsewhere how it works relating to ulcers too. Thanks to everyone in this thread again, for the clarity and thanks to you again, DocJ. Much appreciated. J.
I meant EVERY word. (I DO get pretty fired up.) J.
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