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It depends on the ages of my children, access to medical care, hygiene, and/or the VPD's which present risks in the areas that I would be visiting. There are a few that I would probably consider given the "worst case scenario". Not because I'm all "Oooooh, third world countries are x,y,z" but because I think that as a parent part of your job is to weigh the risks/benefits. Yes, I've made my decision for vaxxing based on the reality of living full-time in the US. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by ShyDaisi I googled 'formaldehyde human body' and found several webpages that stated that it is found in small amounts, occuring 'naturally' within the human body. However, I couldn't find anything about why, or its function/purpose, or any information other than as a chemical independent of biological function. So my thought is, maybe they found it in the body because the body was exposed to it in some shape, form or fashion...
Yes for some and no for others.
If I knew I would come into contact with blood/bodily fluids like this, I would opt for the vaccine. It is unlikely that your reciept of this vaccine would have a negative impact on your nursling.
Vulva Penis/scrotum/testicles
I wear makeup to work--I need to look polished and professional. It's growing on me, I don't wear a lot (some mineral powder to cover blemishes, blush, neutral eyeshadow, mascara, maybe some lip tint)....but I still wash it off as soon as I get home. Looks good though!
Nope, I don't really go out of my way to do anything differently than I normally do.
That's the way it is in the US also...although most people don't realize that. Major insurance companies no longer cover circs because they're considered cosmetic. They have to be paid out of pocket. I am curious as to how much they charge though, I honestly have no idea.
much ado about nothing, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by SusanElizabeth Before I read this article, I never fully understood the argument that people who don't vaccinate their children put others in danger. I did understand how, if there is a community of children that hasn't been vaccinated someone could travel to another country, pick up the virus, and bring it back to the unvaccinated community. But the article also says that there are children who have compromised immune...
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