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http://www.reuseit.com/store/togo-ware-2tier-stainless-steel-food-carrier-p-669.html This is awesome! And I've liked you already.
Had this the last pregnancy. Sure hope it doesn't happen again. I'm keeping all these good ideas if it does though. Hope you find relief.
Yup! Did it myself. I'm rather proud of it because of that.
Thank you for the advice everyone. I finally just did it and while I'm not the happiest person about having to do it, I think the cut looks good at least. Oh and apparently the only time I can get my ds to sit still enough to take a picture is when he is wrapped up! :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
I'm not being obstinate but I have to say that this really has very little to do with gender norms or such. I' m really struggling to express myself properly so please bear with me. We (meaning my dh and I) discussed this at length. Ultimately we decided that for his comfort we need to let go of the urge to keep it long. I want it long and had expected to use hair clips and such. We tried but they bother my ds. He doesn't like tags on clothes or pants with anything but...
You most likely don't have the proper data plan with ATT. You should call AT&T and tell them you just switched to an iPhone. They will switch your plans. (As an aside your voicemail probably doesn't work 'right'. Switching the plans will fix that too.) HTH!
We are a 2 yes's, one no family. Dh has said no to hair ties and hair clips. I respect his wishes.I guess I should say please disregard the reasons behind cutting his hair. We have both agreed to do it but we need help with the style. Thanks!
He sweats too much to keep it at the length it is at. I wish we could. I know we need to at least remove some length from the back.
Ack! Not sure why the pictures are so small. I can try to upload them later if needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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