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It wasn't great of them to throw it away, maybe they could have kept it in a bag or something for a little while longer, but a week is a really long time to leave clothes in a public laundromat. It may even have been somebody else who took the clothes. Laundromats have their own set of etiquette rules, and people can get really peeved when somebody is taking too long to collect their clothes. Sorry!!
Vulva and penis. My daughter knows that she has a "vuh-vuh" and her brother has a "peeney".
My daughter spilled freshly boiled tea on her chest yesterday, resulting in 2nd degree burns on her chest. I had just made myself a cup of tea, set it up on the desk, and she wanted some. I told her to wait because it was hot and I would save her the last few sips once it was cool. I thought it was out of her reach. I turned around to change my son's diaper because he had just pooped, and I heard her screaming and I looked over and she was jumping around and screaming...
I'm waiting for a comment like that. I still have quite a bit of baby weight to lose and I'm actually still wearing my maternity jeans because they're so comfy and I hate shopping for myself. My baby is 6 months old
My daughter, son, and I share a full sized mattress on the floor. One side has a bed rail, the other is against the wall. It's a pretty tight fit. I need to get a queen!
To my daughter, I'm mama, mee-maw, or mommy-may. Makes me melt every time.
Quote: Originally Posted by To-Fu I love a good spunky androgynous haircut on a woman! So I think it's cute. Me, too! I say go for it.
I used Jacque Moschella and she was great. PM me if you want.
Thanks everyone. I'm trying not to beat myself up, but I wanted to do child led weaning so bad and I really miss nursing her a lot. When I've tried nursing her the past couple of days she doesn't stay on, she just doesn't know how to nurse anymore. I'm going to try to get her back into nursing once my milk comes back in, but if she isn't interested or isn't able to, I'll have to deal with it. She seems to be dealing with it better than I am right now. I just feel like...
Thanks for your reply. It's really good to know I'm not the only one to have felt this way and that it'll hopefully get better eventually.
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