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I don't feel pregnant today, and I'm kind of concerned.
Thanks for standing up for the ducks!
If I got a flier like that, I'd be thrilled! No advice on how to word it, though. I'd end up re-writing it a million times.
What an absurd thing to do. I'd be pissed off as well. I agree, a polite letter and donation to the opposite organization ought to do it. And I'm dying of curiosity, can you PM me the organization?
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlyle Oh THANK YOU for this thread. I have been so worried about my dd weaning during the pregnancy and it's great to have moms to talk to about it! This pregnancy was a surprise (a surprise that we're THRILLED about, but nonetheless, we're still adjusting!). We were planning to wait another 3 months until dd is 2 to start trying, largely because of the milk issue. I really want her to get at least 2 years of milk (and...
Thank you for the thread! What a great idea. I know I'm going to need the support. I'm 6wks 3 days, nursing my 10 month old daughter. No tenderness or pain at all yet, and my supply seems normal so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll stay that way.
Congratulations and welcome! Will you switch over to your other account once your husband and friends know? I want to know who you are!
Username: VeganC due date: April 16th Baby Number: 2 Gender: Hope to find out with ultrasound
I felt the very same way during my first pregnancy with my daughter. I was always so worried, and always imagining the worst. Just remember, the odds are in your (and your baby's) favor. Try to think positively, as hard as it is. I'm a lot less worried this time around (about the pregnancy anyway, I'm more worried about how I'm going to handle 2), but I know the worry is definitely normal. Hugs to you!
Congrats! How exciting!
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