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This is nothing to do with culture. It has to do with domestic violence. Your husband is guilty of spousal and child abuse. Please, please, please get out of there. Do you want your little girls growing up thinking this is an acceptable way to treat your wife?
My parents use to use me as a 'prop' while protesting outside of health clinics. They sat me in a Radio Flyer wagon holding a big sign. I know it's stupid but I feel guilty about the pain my presence probably caused some of the women going into that clinic
Mail it.
Quote: Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa My Ds is almost 17. He'd love to be working and has been looking. He could get hired at a fast food place but they all require him to cut his long hair off and he's just not willing to do that right now. So he's keeping his eyes open for something else. In the meantime he's getting a GED, camping, etc. My kids are unschoolers and don't really have to wait until summer to have the time to work, so they just see...
She has a 2000 Corolla; therefore, she has a top tether anchor
Quote: Originally Posted by beadmama Thank you all for your help. I went to the Britax website and it only says LATCH it doesn't say anything about belt install. Thanks Again! Please read your manual. The manual very clearly gives directions for a seat belt install. You do not need LATCH to install that or ANY car seat on the market. Again, please read your manual. You should never attempt to install a car seat without reading the manual.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thao Thank you, nextcommercial. Honestly I think it is reactions like 3Beans that give AP a bad name. Did you just SERIOUSLY say that? Seriously?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thao li And yes, as I have reflected on the incident, I realize that I am also put out by the rude way she deals with dinner. I like her and want her to play with my dd but I sort of inwardly groan when I know I have to feed her. Honestly if she didn't ask and then say she doesn't like it every.single.time even after I gently told her it hurts my feelings, I may not have done that. I don't know. It's not an excuse...
This short article about the helmet laws (or lack thereof) in PA is verrrry interstinking... http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/...41/detail.html
I wrote an email. Sometimes I'm sick of being diplomatiic and politic, and I just want to play ping pong with people's heads :
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