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I left mine in someone's car at a checkpoint yesterday : Other than losing 30 dollars, it was a great checkpoint. We confiscated some REALLY nasty seats
Being a 'godmother' does not have any legal or custodial significance, and what I said still stands.
Would threatening to buy him a harnessed seat instead of a booster be enough incentive to keep him from messing with the belt?
Those are very interesting names of the kids you take care of, OP. Do their parents know you have posted them on a public message board? As a parent, if I found out my child's caretaker was doing that, she would shortly find herself unemployed.
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial You would go door to door telling everybody that the new neighbor made your daughter take one bite of corn????? Seriously? FORCED to eat food, would be to say "You can't leave the table until you eat this". That's hardly what the OP did. No, that's not what I said, is it? If someone said to me, do you know so and so? I would say, "yes, I know her. She forcefed my kid." Seriously, what...
Oh, i should add, if I found out someone FORCED my child to eat something he didn't want, not only would that parent be getting an earful from me, I would be making sure to let everyone else in the community know about it...
The one year old looks perfect It may just be the camera angle, but where are those shoulder harness straps on your four year old? They look a little low...they should be at his shoulders or above, no lower.
Quote: Originally Posted by nevaehsmommy I think the transitit system needs to come up with a better way of holding kids. Certian vans have fold down seats. They are not the best but better then no restraint. Why not put them on city busses. I would love to see this. Compartmentalization is only designed to work with adults and older children...I'm trying to remember but I think it was 48" and 60 pounds?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thao . I insisted that she eat a little of everything we were having (that is the rule in our house I don't think it is fair to dd if her friend gets a different set of rules, not to mention she did need to have some food in her tummy before going to bed!) and it really didn't go over very well. Oh, she and my dd are 8, they are not little ones. I wouldn't have as much of a problem if the behavior was coming from a 4...
Quote: Originally Posted by yvonnemlv if you have a baby wrap/sling, then you'll be set. If a bus gets in an accident, then everyone is screwed anyway. The lap belts that some buses have won't help much, more than keeping a body from being flung across the whole bus. We're car free here, and never a problem with using a pram or a sling ( don't know if american buses are generally designed to allow prams though). This is not exactly true. ...
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