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DS will turn 4 in October put on shoes and socks Shoes yes, socks no, although that may be sheer cussedness dress himself, even partway Capable, yes, willing, no : use the bathroom/potty Potty trained since 26 months. He needs help wiping Buckle or unbuckle seat belt Ah, 3 and 4 year olds should be in 5 point harness car seats, not seatbelts. And DS can manage the chest clip but not the buckle Use his imagination to play, become something else (like...
As a general rule, buses are not equipped with seatbelts, so no car seats. While it would be ideal to have your child in a car seat, the fact of the matter is that being in a bus is SO much safer than being in a car that it's not that big of a worry. If you have a small baby, I would bring the infant carrier and keep the baby strapped in on the floor at your feet.
Exactly how does she fall in the seat? It's pretty unlikely that a 2.5 year old, particularly a tall one, would fit rearfacing in a Roundabout.
The problem isn't the head slumping forward. It's that a sleeping child goes limp and will fall out of position in a booster. It's not a problem in a 5 point harness seat, but it is a problem in a 3 point belt.
I live in massachusetts. The more liberal your stickers, the better you fit in
Quote: Originally Posted by motomama He just seemed too big - a little too tall and no leg or foot room against the the back of the front seat. That's why I moved him out of the marathon he seems way more comfy in the booster- I don't know? He's only fallen asleep once in the booster seat we don't really go many places. homeschooling -homebodies. gosh even my 12 year old falls asleep in the car - wow even i do sometimes. I didn' know that was that bad. I...
Remove the harness first
Your baby is only 2 months old. I would want the seat in a full 45 degree angle until the baby can sit upright unassisted, which won't be for another few months.
Just out of curiosity what does Ez stand for? My little baby is Ezekiel and he was also born at home
Flying without a seat for a baby, ESPECIALLY a leisure trip where you clearly have a choice of whether or not you MUST go, is a choice, but it isn't the safest one. Babies have been severely injured and even killed in survivable turbulence and rough landings and runway crashes because they were not harnessed in FAA approved car seats. PLEASE do not fly without a seat. It's not worth the risk...especially considering this isn't something you have to do.
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