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Quote: Originally Posted by CookieMonsterMommy Go for it! Join me in my unholy army of the hot and buzzed!!! I have to leave in 15 minutes to pick up my three year old from preschool. It just wouldn't be right So instead a swigged a sip from the bottle of maple syrup. Real maple syrup. :
I was seriously just staring at one of the wine coolers in the fridge :
Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Jaime Two weeks ago I walked around the block and someone doused me with soda out their car window and laughed at me Not fun. . Did you call the police?!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 Do they have cooties, too? Have you ever been in a men's bathroom when men are doing their business? It is absolutely horrifying. The gastronomical noises...the grunts, the groans....the...moving air The splashing, the farting, the popping. The PLONKING. And the smell is enough to make your eyes bleed. I'd rather poop among ladies
Oh, and talk about some awesome family bathrooms! We were in the Natick Mall, (excuse me, NATICK COLLECTION, GAG) a few months ago. IT was a normal shopping mall until they changed it up a few years ago with all high end stores and expensive luxury condos. Anyhow, the bathrooms were AMAZING....beautiful fixtures, velvet couches, etc. And they had these HUGE family bathrooms. With one big toilet and one little toilet. It was adorable They also had...
Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend Were there any boys in ties, long pants and hard shoes? Ties, long pants and hard shoes are the cultural norm for a dressed up little boy. They are age appropriate. 2" heels, and updo and make up are NOT the cultural norm for a little girl. They are not age appropriate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 Personally, I'm all for unisex restrooms . . . I don't get why, as a girl, I shouldn't pee in the same facility that a guy uses. Count your blessings. Men smell.
You can't have 'innocent' fun with somebody who wants something more. "Nothing good can come of it". Restrict your friendships to people who want...ONLY...friendship. Unless of course, you don't like J.D. that much
You've gotten lots of great advice here. I would also 'shelve' the video game system and television for the month he is here. He doesn't need to be sitting on his butt. If he really weighs 400 lbs this isn't something to tiptoe around...he'll die of obesity complications before he's 30. I think it's time for an intervention with his mother, because her lack of being a parent is going to murder her child.
DH takes dd, 2 into the men's room all the time. However, I think the issue arrises that men using urinals may be a little shocked and uncomfortable to see an older girl-child come into the bathroom while they have it all hanging out, so to speak.
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