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I think it's kind of sweet. And honestly...I don't know why your parents need to 'discuss' it with anyone beyond telling them, "Hey, Betsy is going to be formally our child!"
I AP because that's how I think people should be treated.
I would say circumcision and pedophilia/bestiality are pretty much on the same playing field for me. THey are pretty much the only 'black and white, no shades of gray', hell it is ALWAYS nasty, ALWAYS wrong, ALWAYS criminal, issues.
They're lousy for foot development and posture. I definitely won't be getting my little gal heels.
Nope, just 2
Quote: Originally Posted by mama_ani The invitations themselves... Yep, they were actual invitations, sent out 8 months early, hand written on cards you would buy at a store 20 for $5 type (I looked at almost identical ones for my daughter's 11th birthday party last year.) On it she wrote about children not being welcome, a request for a donation for the dinner (with ASAP written in front of that) and a note saying they are registered at Walmart. It...
I don't think this is the hill to die on. Your response "Dear SIL, thank you so much for your invitation. DH, Oldest DD, the baby and I will be coming. I'm sure you know that all the etiquette guides state that a nursing baby is by default invited to a wedding. Looking forward to your happy day! Love, SIL
I guess I'm confused as to why someone would CONTINUE to use the wrong word when they've found out the word does not mean what the think it means. Why not just correct your mistake to your children?
I agree with the Cosco Scenera. That's ideal for your situation You want the one with the five point harness, not the kind with the bar that goes over the head.
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