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You can switch your baby to the convertible whenever you want to, presuming she fits well in it That configuration sounds fine to me
I have three different kids, three different temperaments. The oldest is Mr. Independence and was never much of a cuddler. The middle has been trying very hard to get back in since the day she was born. The third is mild-mannered and pleasant and despite a bit of age appropriate separation anxiety will willingly go to anyone and be happy about it. Remember that AP is about knowing your child and doing what is best for that particular child, not following a set of...
Last sunday morning with DS, 3.5 years DS: Mommy, turn on the tv Me: Not today, baby Ds: Why not? Me: Because it's Sunday, baby. No kids shows on Sunday mornings. DS: Well, then, I wanna watch a moomee. Me: (getting a little aggravated now) Not today, son DS: WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Me: (exasperated) Because I want some peace and QUIET! *insert long, thoughtful pause* DS: Me NO want piece of quiet! Me want piece of LOUD!
Holy big baby, batmomma!
Contrary to what the NRA would have you believe, a gun is not a good idea for home protection. Statistically, in a home invasion, if the gun is displayed, it is usually used to injure...the homeowner. The homeowner is overpowered and his weapon used against him.
Me too! I would also like to see 2 years be the legal minimum and would like to see enough seats on the market that RF to 40-55 pounds that every child would be able to do it. Ahhh well...maybe when my grandbabies are in car seats
Quote: Originally Posted by dallaschildren There are adults that technically could use a booster seat. Heck at 5'10", there are some vehicles where the shoulder belt rests on my neck. I am 5'8". I had to sit in the third row of my Ford Freestar a few weeks ago for a family trip, and let me tell you that seatbelt did not sit safely on me. It rode up on my hips and was cutting across my throat. What a ridiculous design!
I should clarify, it's not 'minor' injuries we're discussing for a child who doesn't pass the five step test to ride boosterless. Injuries can include: severe abdominal injuries and internal bleeding, crushed trachea, broken neck, ejection from the seatbelt and ejection from the car. Unfortunately, it happens a lot.
Well now that you know better you do better, right? Your nine year old can probably ride safely in a backless booster, but your 7 year old should definitely be in a high back booster.
Because the government is grossly inefficient at catching up with the times and the research. The 1 and 20 laws were passed when that was the only option...there WEREN'T any seats that rearfaced past twenty pounds. Now of course we know that 20 pounds is grossly and dangerously insufficient, as is the one year advice. We know that children should be kept rearfacing at LEAST 2 years and 30 pounds. But it'll probably take another 10 years for the government to...
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