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Why, yes! It's FREE and it's called the Public Library!
Oh, and my two biggest things I was bringing home (besides the keys to the narc cabinet)....the nitro and the aspirin
Despite the fact this thread is upside down and backwards, i'll say that when I was a paramedic I came home with some pretty weird crap
There are a lot more options than the Turbobooster. Where are you shopping?
That's actually exactly what it does...an effect known as cocooning. It's neither a positive nor negative, just how the seat works. The seats are tested that way and extremely safe
That's how an infant seat installs The end near the belt path shouldn't move more than 1 inch side to side or back and forth, but the back end is not secured and generally has plenty of movement in it.
http://www.cpsafety.com/articles/stayrearfacing.aspx That's a good article laying it out
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe How? Seriously, how do you get them to bend, and how do you keep one arm in while you put the next in? It's all about speed and distraction Have the straps pulled out so you don't have to dig under the child's butt once they're sitting. When they do the 'stiff as a board' thing, apply gentle but quick and firm pressure at the hips straight back so they can't help but bend. The second the tush touches the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamakay Me? Just that my almost 4 yo has always been in the 99th % on height, and is closer to the size of a 7 or 8 yo. He weighed about 60 lbs at the time. He also liked to protest leaving by throwing himself down on the ground and refusing to move, which completely sucked when we were a long way from the car. A 60 pound 3 year old? Oh my My two kids weigh 60 pounds...when they are standing on the scaled...
Quote: Originally Posted by grahamsmom98 On another related subject: why can't the bottom anchors and rear tether be used with a booster seat??? We've been doing this with his other booster. The seat holds firm with no movement with the use of the bottom and rear attachments. Why is this not okay??? I always thought that there should be no movement in a carseat. What is the logic of having a booster only held in place by the regular seatbelt?? ...
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