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Dr Kute does not want unvaxed kids at her office. She used to be open to it years ago, but as time as gone on, she has done a lot to encourage her unvaxed patients to find another practice. Everything from the bad mommy form to quarantining the unvaxed kids. We need to stop putting her name down, it is out dated info.
I just wanted to throw this out there....   I saw the other day on Oprah I think-not sure, it takes 5 years to get back to normal after having a child!!! 5 years!!!!!
Fantastic post peainthepod!
  No help, only commiseration. I could have written your exact post. The only difference is I did put my DS (4 in two weeks) in preschool. It didn't help me at all and if anything I am more lazier. Also, DS wants out of preschool, so it was a bust. He will now be home next year and I need a way to get motivated. Flylady stuff didnt work for me. Anyhoo, when I write my own sad post, I will link up so you wont feel bad about keeping your DS out of preschool :)  
OXO....you can get it at Crate and Barrel, Williiams Sonoma, the internet.   Nothing looks as good, imo and the lids are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!   http://www.oxo.com/p-877-10-piece-pop-container-set.aspx     eta....I also have wire shelves **shudder** and I went to Home Depot and got inexpensive, precut white boards (mdf?) to put down on top of the wire so that everything feels solid. I wish I were handy and could rip it all out and do it right. In my dreams I...
How do you know he would play the game 24/7? Has he had an opportunity to, or has his time always been controlled? What if you gave him freedom for a week and then took note to make a plan of attack?   We do not do limits here. Some days we watch hours of Spongebob, some days we are outside or at the park for hours and hours. The other day we did almost 4 straight hours of board games. I just know the second someone says, hey you can only have an hour (or one...
I am kind of confused about the attitude of debt.....   I do not look at my mortgage as debt. I would have to pay monthly no matter where I live. If I lived in an apt, I wouldn't calculate the cost of renting over a year and then freak out that I was in debt. I just totally dont get adding a mortgage to a debt total.   I personally wouldnt care if I was upside down on a car. When I buy a car, I think okay, five years, then if it gets paid off early, great,...
Are you going to Philips? I have been there a few times and it is really easy to get around that area, I mean really, really easy. It is one of the (only, imo) parts of Altanta that is user friendly! Parking garages and such right there, boom.   Just in case you go by yourself, just wanted to give you some encouragement!!
:shrug   Guess I will be the odd man out and say I would really really consider it. I would tell him all that you wrote here, ask what he wanted, tell him what I would want from him and then really consider it. You do have age on your side. And he has never had a bio child, and you dont really know how he would act.
I would fix it. Not as bad as a bumper, but still that is the kind of thing cops love to ticket for. Not interested in that. How big is the crack in your windshield? I am surprised you havent been stopped for it if it is big.   Maybe it is just my town that cops love to ticket????
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