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^^^ yeah, but the whole point of the thread is that OP sil is mainstream has everything and is being referred to as a majesty. She isnt going to appreciate cloth diapers. She will appreciate something cute and different that she didnt think of, something you wouldnt get for yourself, etc. Baby uggs all the way OP, burts bees has a super awesome diaper cake you could knock off for a good price. How about some coupons for babysiting at odd hours of the night, that...
You could do some research and see if you have money pit on your hands before you make the gamble. http://www.carsurvey.org/reviews/volvo/
baby uggs! $50 well spent, mine lived in them once he turned 10 months old. http://www.uggaustralia.com/Products...categoryID=614
Quote: Originally Posted by StephandOwen If I saw a mouse in a grocery store I would have freaked out! Ugh.... getting the chills just thinking about it! I like to live in my bubble and believe there are no mice anywhere inside any of the grocery stores I go to thankyouverymuch!
I have a friend who has a beamer and he loves it. Have you checked out Infiniti? That is what we have. They also have the lumbar thing. I dont really find it helpful on long drives though, it is really is all about the way you sit. DO NOT just ask them what the car takes gas wise. The sales guy said oh yeah regular. Then after we bought the car and went to fill it up of course the sticker on the lid says premium only So check the lid!
Yes, I would be irritated by both and the bad news for you is that your parents will never change even if you lay down the law. Obviously, being considerate isn't a natural thing for them. And is this their first? Sounds like they are being selfish and want to do all the firsts and simply do not care about you guys wanting some firsts. Taking them to your grandparents, well they feel they are capable and do not even consider anything will ever go wrong, so they do not...
Have you thought about a Flip? You should google it/amazon it. I had one and I loved it. Used it way more than my $800 sony camcorder. Anyhoo, DS dropped the camcorder and it broke and he also misplaced the flip, so now I just use my camera to record and I am pretty happy with that.
Gallagher I first heard it when I was at the theater watching Fatal Attraction and it blew.me.away. I also knew someone in high school with that last name and of course whe was perfect. So of course all my sims had the last name gallagher
Quote: Originally Posted by babygirlsmama This thread makes me wonder whether the "definition" of STTN includes babies who stay asleep all night, but nurse a couple times. When folks ask me whether my baby STTN, I usually answer, for my purposes, yes. We get into bed together around 9:30 or 10 pm and she sleeps straight through till about 8:30 am. Neither she nor I fully wake during the night, although she does nurse a couple times. Since my sleep...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamacassafrass I *started* to say something about sending the message to her babe that mommy wont be there but she quite rudely cut me off and refused to hear anything. I just said I had to go take care of my baby and ended the call. I guess she isn't very comfortable with her decision...she sounds defensive. My feelings would be hurt that she cut me off. And I agree, why bring this up if she doesnt want to hear...
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