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We have that kitty piano and we all love it. We have it in green though which I dont like as much as the orange. But wait for it to go on sale, because it will!
OP please google severance package advice. You can negotiate, you have time, etc. The common mistake is to buy into the rush rush thing they do.
you might really like this book. We have it and it is adorable.... http://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Pray...3903556&sr=8-1
I personally think there is a happy medium to helicoptering them and letting them try new things out and yet all I ever see are the extremes. Sat we spent the day at the park and it was a major bubble wrap experience to the point where my 3.5 yr old DS cried three times because there was no one to play with. The park was packed but none of the parents would let their kids play with anyone. The last 20 mins out of a three hour trip he played with a sweet little boy though,...
Have you checked out the sales rack at Neiman Marcus or stores like that? You can find amazing things cheap!
I have a home theater system and I use a swivel unit.... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001KW0B88?...ACH8ZMZK0YTT6Q You can get one that holds up to a 1000 dvds. The one that I have holds about 400. It just takes up a corner. It also helps me with clutter because when it is full, which it almost is, then I will have to sell or donate ones to make room for new movies. Now when we move to our next house we will have a theater wall that will hold our collection. It will...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carson Even $5/each seems expensive when you need to have 10 of them. I don't know, the towels will last for 5 years easy, so when you break it down like that, it isnt too bad. That is how I talk myself into stuff It would be worth it to check the thrift stores, but the one near me has the thinnest towels, blech. I am in the process of replacing all my towels. The towels I got from Target have lasted for almost...
Since you are concerned about absorbency just a shout out to not use fabic softener as it coats the fibers and reduces absorbency.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobandjess99 My kids LOVE that CPC. I've spent hundreds of dollars on wooden toys, playsilks, and all the stuff I read about on here, trying to be a good mom, getting "quality" toys, etc. Whatever. MY kids like bright, plastic, electronic crap. Accepting this took a lot of time and effort, but I am now very happy and at peace with it. We are a technological family living in a technological age, and we all love our...
Target.... I think it is the target brand, not sure. We got fluffy white towels for 4.99 and they are really absorbent. Love em!
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