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Thanks for responding, Lula's Mom. I am located in the Chamblee/Dunwoody area. We had my five year old daughter in a wonderful Montessori school for two years but had to pull her out due to finances. She is now in public Kindergarten and not too thrilled about it. I also have another daughter who will be three in December. I had already planned on homeschooling her for her primary/preschool years--in a make-shift Montessori style, as best I can. I am really...
I am on a search for some homeschooling families in the Atlanta area. Anybody out there? Thanks, Meg
Ok...I added a subscribe button and a Stumble Upon It button. Hopefully, that will help. Any other suggestions out there?
this seems exactly what I need. Thank you!
Thank you, AndVeeGeeMakes3. One question--How do you mean, "follow me?"
Hey Pear-Shaped! Just went to your blog. You, my dear, are an interesting person. Those clothes are amazing!
Thank you, Pear-Shaped (love the username, btw)! I truly appreciate the positive feedback. I wish I could say that I meant for it to be so plain, but that would be a lie. Truth is that I am technologically challenged in most all areas, especially where computers are concerned. I can't even figure out how to use my convection oven. It took me two months to design the header, and it is still blurry. I am working with some pretty primitive software-- like Windows...
Thank you so very much, Freefromitall! I enjoy the laughter of others, especially when it is not directed at me personally...which is usually the case. Anyhoo, I am glad you like it. Feel free to stop by anytime for a chuckle. Ask Fritz und Hilde for relationship advice. They guarentee a quick turn-over on submitted questions under the comments section of "Love Letters With Fritz & Hilde" . Or join our little army of malcontents on FaceBook Groups: Bored...
Thanks so much for the compliment, Lauradbg. I did have a more Meg-centered bio at first, but its total lameness kinda depressed me in a "Damn, am I really that boring?" sort of way, so I changed it.
I've attended two adult-only weddings where exceptions were made for a few children of complaining parents--one for nursing, the other for lack-of-babysitter. The nursing infant wailed the entire ceremony. It was in a chapel, so there was no where to take the baby but outside in the cold, so everyone just had to deal. On top of that, the baby spit-up all over the bride's back at the reception--in her hair and everything. But that was nothing compared to my friend...
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