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Hi please don't name your daughter Senna - it is a laxative....  How about Sienna?
Camping. Would you rather have something salty or sweet?
Regarding the glucose test - Noboru, because you're both an older mom and also at a higher weight, it is recommended to get an "early" baseline glucose test to check for pre-existing diabetes - as well as the usual one at 26-28 wks. Good luck with the pregnancy!
Hi I'm a midwife and the only piece you are missing of your early pregnancy care (but it's a very important one) is to get your bloodwork done. See if there is a private clinic or urgent care that will order a "prenatal panel" of labwork for you. This should include:   CBC - Iron levels Blood type & antibody screen HIV, Syphilis, and Hep B Urine chlamydia & gonorrhea Rubella antibody Urinalysis and Urine culture TSH (Thyroid) 1hr 50-gram glucose test   If those...
New Posts  All Forums: