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With all three boys I started labor at 7 am. With ds1 I started to lost my mucus plug at 7 am. Ds 2 and 3 contractions started at 7am.
I have heard that the dvd's only worked for a short time in the X-Boxes and then they stopped for : Hopefully it is as simple as the way it is hooked up. I have a dvd player and have never had this type of problem.
I was 16 when I had my ds. I was not really informed. I read that it was best, but I never really saw anyone do it. No one talked to me about it. The only thing I heard was "are you going to bottle feed or bf? I answered I did not know and I usually got recommendations for a good formula to use. My ds was given water for the first 4 days of life at the hospital (we were both rather sick so we had a 6 day stay) I started to get pain in my breast(milk coming in?) and...
Does your dd have any light patches of skin on her body? I had a childhood friend that had grey hair and spots on his harms and legs and chest and back and even his face that had no pigment. I can't remember what it was called. He was born with this issue.
I don't have one, but I read a discussion recently about these. The biggest concern talked about was if a pan was not perfectly flat on the bottom, then the pan would not heat correctly. Also something about if the pan spills over (like boiling over) it was hard to clean up while it was still hot. I am not sure about the heat thing and kids. I would be worried it would be hot and I would set something on the top and burn it. I do think those stoves look neat though!
Quote: Originally posted by becoming We use a dresser. Socks, onesies, undershirts, and PJs are in the top drawer, shirts in the second drawer, pants/shorts in the third drawer, and clothes that don't fit yet in the bottom drawer. The drawers aren't easy to open -- we made sure of that when we bought it. this is what we do. We have a large closet so ds is oblivious to the dresser with his clothes.
my ds is not into too much mischief. But he did take a yellow highlighter and color all over the dining room chairs and the top of the table. OH! and he made my dh coffee one morning. He put the beans (whole) in the filter and then poured water in the pot and then into the coffee maker. This is the point where he got caught. He was so proud of himself for making daddys coffee.
we are in the middle of our second session. My ds is 2.5. He wants to go to class everyday. The class is not too structured. The kids are allowed to wiggle and wander or play the intrument any way they want too. The only rule that are enforced is NO RUNNING! In one class we had 3 kids end up with big bumps so now the teacher makes the parents control the kids. We have mostly wild kids. I think it makes the class more fun to have spirited children. My ds is one of the...
I just got a shirt that says "Yes, I'm still Nursing!" from Jacks Magic Beanstalk She also had free shipping at the time too. (about 2/3 weeks ago)
I had a vbac. My midwife said hospital policy was that I was to be monitered the first 20 minutes and then for 20 minutes every hour. That way I could move. I did the inital monitering, actually only about 10 minutes, I was in very active labor when I arrived at the hospital. Then when a hour hit, the nurse held the monitor to my belly, no straps, for a couple contractions and I was free to wonder again. By the time the next hour hit, I was pushing. I had made a birth...
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