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Crock pot pea soup freezes great!! As do some homemade spaghetti sauces. I'll be watching for more recipies myself!
A couple of weeks ago we were idling at a light and I glanced over at the car next to us and saw that they had a baby in an infant carrier in the back seat whose straps were so loose this baby was able to lean foward and touch some toys that were attached to the seat back in front of her!!!!
Quote: As for the guy: I would cut him some slack. First of all I loosen the straps and slide down the chest plate when we are hanging out in places because I want dd to be comfortable and I fail to believe that any sort of restrictin can be comfortable ANYTIME a baby is in an infant carrier, whether in a car, being carried, or hooked into a shopping cart or stroller, that baby should be strapped in properly! What if, heaven forbid, the cart or...
My Ds is 25 months old and babbles constantly but only has about 15 words and only my Dh and I can understand them. We have an evaluation scheduled for April 22. Just found out yesterday. Ds is NOT a quiet child. He wants to communicate but it seems like something between his brain and mouth isn't working right because EVERYTHING is still coming out in gobbledyguk. The evaluation will be done in our home as will any speech therapy he may require. The evaluation...
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