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Name: Osker Age: 35 EDD: July 11th 1st pregnancy, 2nd child Guessing boy (because DD is so set that she only wants a sister)
I'm not doing to great in this area. Every little twinge or symptom or lack of symptom has me totally freaked out. I had one ultrasound already and would love to have another, but there is really no reason (first one was due to bleeding, too early to see baby)... I may try to push for another one, but I would have to have an ob for that and I'm already signed on for a midwife. I try to tell myself that it's going to be what it's going to be no matter what I do... But I am...
Anyone have issue with carrying their older kids? E is just three but weighs about 38lbs, today when I carried her up to take a tubby I felt strong sharp pains. I should stop carrying her? Or this was a fluke thing?
On Wed afternoon I had some brown spotting, on Thursday around lunch some bright red blood. It didn't last for very long, but freaked me out so we went to the ER and had an ultrasound done.  My Hcg is at 15,800, my cervix is tightly closed, and I haven't had any more bleeding since.  But, when they did the ultrasound they only saw the gestational sac and the yolk sac.  I should've been 5w6d, shouldn't I have seen more?  I was feeling bloated, sore breasts, heartburn,...
Hello everyone, I am due July 11th and very excited, but still in disbelief. I have a 3yo daughter who my wife carried, so this is my second child but first pregnancy. So far my biggest struggle has been emotions. I broke down crying in a work meeting a few weeks ago which is totally unlike me, so I went out and tested right then. I was actually shocked when it came up as dark and positive as it did as I was still three days before I expected my period. I have been off and...
Hello All!      So, way back in the day (somewhere in 2011, I believe), I started this thread as a way to pass some time while we waited to be ready to ttc #2.  Well, that time was a lot longer than we thought it would be, but FINALLY, we are pregnant with baby #2!!!     To everyone waiting, hang in there.  Your day will come!     Thank you all for being here while we waited, you were and are a precious resource.
Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Also have you been tested for lupus? DW is having the same issue and it turns out that even though she has a healthy diet she has a major vitamin D deficiency.
Just FYI, NW is running a Labor Day sale on vials from now until Sept 8. They run 20% of sales about once every two years.
NW is a small bank, but it is true, they do not require a doc signature.  They ship vials directly to your home in a dewar, you use the samples and send the tank back.  Easy as can be.  When we were ttc our daughter we used NW and had no doc involvement at all, I got my wife pregnant at home!
Anybody still out there that used to post here??  Wanna know a secret??  We're finally ttc #2!! OMG!!  We did our first IUI earlier this week and I am now in the TWW!!!!     This was a much, much, much longer wait/process than we ever anticipated.  I finished internship without ttc, mostly due to the insane amount of stress and disgust with our living situation.  We hated living there, never had enough money, and couldn't drink the water (to the point of feeling bad...
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