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We just got the Kidkraft Retro kitchen in white for E for Christmas. She LOVES it! I'll say it was annoying to put together, but it's very sturdy, not too big, cute, and she can open the doors herself.  We have a lot of experience with the IKEA one as well. Also a good kitchen if you like the look better, but doesn't have a fridge! Also, those doors are very hard to open, E couldn't do them and would get frustrated.
Hi, my cousin just had her first babies, b/g twins this afternoon. They were 31 weeks 5 days and 3.5lbs a piece. They appear to be doing well and are breathing on their own, but I know it's goig to be a long road. They've been told they won't even be able to hold them for a couple of weeks. I live very far away and want to send a care package. Can you help me with ideas? Books? If so, which ones? I'm sending personal care items that I know she likes, but for her husband?...
Hello again all!   Nothing new and exciting happening over here... just wanted to check in with everyone.   We are on such a long road to baby #2. *sigh*  We're no longer going to New Orleans in July, but we are also not at all certain about living situation or jobs or anything for the Fall, so it seems like not the right time to be getting pregnant.  BUT! I did send in the first chapter of my dissertation to my advisor today, so I am feeling good about being on the...
OMG!! I sent my advisor Chapter One!!! It really feels like some day I could move on from this huge albatross!!!!   Good luck, onedayatatime, having the kiddo out of the house is a huge help!   Now onto Chapter 2 by Valentine's Day. If I get it done I'm going to make DW get a babysitter so we can go out just the two of us!
Onedayatatime, I totally hear you on feeling under-acomplished due to not finishing yet.  I actually jumped into applying for postdoc to give myself a push and realized, as I was writing my CV and cover letters, that I actually have done a lot! A lot more, compared to my classmates, and really good stuff... BUT, it's easy to push it all down and ignore it because the dissertation is still looming over me. 
Do you do a lot on the internet? You might check out pinterest.com and search for Vegan/Vegetarian ideas.  There's a particular board called Art Vegan that has some great pics!  This way you could collect pictures and recipes for things you would like or could afford or easily make and let your kids choose from that.
DD is 17 months and doesn't STTN. She's up some nights every hour til midnight, then every other hour.. other nights she'll sleep a solid chunk from 8-2 or 3... but then she's in bed with us and can sometimes have a party in the middle of the night where she's laughing and carrying on like it's mid-day.  I don't have a solution, unfortunately, it's exhausting.
So, since typing this up, I actually have done almost nothing on my diss. :(  My advisor got back to me, finally, and she wants the entire draft in by Friday, but then thinks it will take til mid-June at the earliest to wrap the whole thing up. My hopes of walking for graduation in May are pretty much gone, which sucks.  I'd still love to try to push for mid-May to finish so that I don't have to pay tuition for the summer semester just for a few weeks of wrap up, but I...
Hi, I'm K, an exhausted PsyD candidate on internship full time and with a DW and 17moDD at home. My dissertation is so far behind its pitiful, I can't get my advisor to get back to me, one of my committee members just told me he can't write a recommendation for postdoc for me because I don't have an approved timeline in, my other committee member moved across the country, and I really want to walk at graduation in May. It's giving me ulcers and really not any fun.  My...
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