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Yep, I gained at least 12lbs on it, haven't lost it and I haven't taken any dom since Oct '10.
OMG, I JUST bought some this afternoon! 
I think the Mother's Milk Tea has fenugreek and blessed thistle in it, but can I take more on top of that? Also can you tell me more about alfalfa?   Thanks
My DD is almost a year old and I have no interest in stopping nursing any time soon (or ever really!).  However, it seems like my supply is going down.  I've had somewhat low supply all along but have been able to EBF and never supplement with formula.  I did mother's milk tea for a while, and then took domperidone for several months.  I had weaned myself off it, then a few months ago noticed a downturn in supply again and went back on it.  A week or so ago I started...
DW took my last name when we got married.  The plan was for her to keep her maiden name as a middle name, for me to change my name to include her maiden name as a middle name, and for all of our kids to have the maiden name as their second middle name.  Fast forward five years and we forgot to give DD the maiden name as her middle name and I haven't changed mine.  Whoops!  It really doesn't seem that important to me, although I should revisit it with DW to see if it...
How far in advance are you guys taking your prenatal vitamins?  I'm thinking I should start soon? 6 months ahead of ttc?
Hello,   We'll be visiting friend in Spain soon and they're worried that we won't all fit in their car. They have a European Toyota Corolla and we'll be four adults and one car seat.  Does anyone know if we will fit or not fit in their car? Thanks so much!
I think that finding someone to care for your child who you trust and value is the most essential thing. If you sign on for a pediatrician that feels attacking or critical, then, yes, I would imagine that you wouldn't want to do the WBV.  If you say that you've found someone already that you click with, the I would say go to one, see how it is, see how much it costs, and then ask them when they think the next WBV should be.  We expected to hate going to the pedi for...
We introduced Greek Yogurt at 7 months. No history of dairy problems in the family and we are super dairy lovers, so it made sense for us. However we will not give her any other (flavored, sugared, lowfat) yogurts because they are less nutritionally good for her. She occasionally gets fruit mixed in but truly loves it plain.  At 11 months she has had yogurt, goat yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, and just about every cheese out there.  She has...
Thanks, it turned out it was a surface crack that had gotten infected. It wasn't mastitis, but could've been if I hadn't gone to my doctor. She put me on antibiotics and it cleared up without me having to stop nursing on it (I have a friend who just had a similar issue and she was told not to nurse or pump but only manually express for a week!!!).
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