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Quote: Originally Posted by onelilguysmommy oh, and am i the only one who cant figure out how something to the effect of "take advantage of our premium spirits" and listing skye-okay..and smirnoff- : in the same sentence is beyond umm..comparing two way different things? Ive been trying to guess how theyre the same thing for a long time now.... It's "premium" as opposed to well spirits. Smirnoff might not be as fancy as Skye, but it's better...
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Could you find the post where I said I didn't want to tip, wouldn't tip, or would tip minimally? No - because I made no such post. I won't be charged a "tip" or "gratuity" when the service could be absolute crap. I tip after I've seen what the service is like, not based on restaurant policy. I get what you're saying. Many friends say "well, if you're going to charge me 18%, then that's what you're getting....
Quote: Originally Posted by devster4fun How did you know I'm obsessed with Tivo?? Duh! Because it's ALREADY HAPPENED!
No, no, the rest of us are in the present...you're stuck in a wormhole that's keeping you living slightly in the past. Your Tivo won't record the beginning of your programs, you'll always miss the bus...sorry this happened to you, though. I hear large doses of vitamin C can help.
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama So you're saying... sometimes people get a little pissy? Whatever gives you that idea? :
Love dresses and skirts. Now, my SIL has the same pet peeve about that chaffey-thigh feeling you get in the warmer months, and she's also a distance runner. She'll sometimes use BodyGlide on her thighs when she's wearing a skirt, and says it's made her SO much happier.
I'd go to the vet, honestly. You want your new pet to get checked out by the vet, anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by BookGoddess I have a question for the servers. Why is it that when the specials are being recited at the table that the prices aren't given? Because we're often told that if we tell someone the price, we're implying that they NEED that information..."oh, that fish special is $17.95, are you sure you want to order that?" Now, before someone says, "But I just want to know the dang price!" I know, I know, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by muckemom and what about mooseknuckle??? For the uninitiated, thats cameltoe to the MAX Ohh, new word! Cool! My dad told me that shortly after my mom learned what cameltoe meant (approx. 1.5 years ago), she came out of the bedroom with new pants on and asked Dad if the pants gave her "camelhoof." Mom has the best malaprops.
Thismama, I wanted to say that you and others really have made me think about how different it is to say "I'll be friends with anyone!" when you come from a mainstream worldview. I have friends who still are stuck in a very antiquated view of homosexuality, and I don't agree with them at all...in fact, I'm one of those annoying folks (to them, anyway) who takes every opportunity to try and change their mind about gay issues. But it's really easy for me to say that,...
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