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You know, I don't mind folks who order water. What I DO mind is people ordering water with lemon..."No, MORE lemon! I need a whole dish of lemon! One slice isn't enough! Oh, can you also bring me the sugar caddy?" Yeah, they're making their own lemonade.
Quote: Originally Posted by Starr See I never know who to give the book to once we've paid I mean do we just leave it on the table, waitress, hostess? Different places seem to have different policies. Give it to your server or leave it on the table, closed and lying flat. The key there is not to leave it in the same position that the server left it on the table. We keep an eye on it from across the room and wait for it to change position....
You can always use your backspace key, too.
So you're not friends with Christians, either? Okay.
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama I'm open minded in my own way. I'm not open minded about 'acceping' actively harmful and mean beliefs, including beliefs that harm me and mine personally. No way no how. I make no apologies for that. I get to choose my friends according to who I respect and find enriching. I don't choose people who don't make that cut. Right, but...I get that. Here's the thing, though...I know plenty of folks who...
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama I have lots of challenging friends. As the_lissa says, lefties don't all think alike. Far from it! But right wing - no. I'm not interested, even a tiny little bit. Hearing somebody votes for a right wing political party, for instance, puts them on my "Stay Away" list. Even voting for the middle of the road political party (I'm Canadian) lands someone on my "Acquaintance Only" list. I'm good with that. I have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 LOL, I googled for a pic of these tracts and found a few people arguing that your quote is, in fact, true. Heh. Ask 'em if you can forward those tracts to the gas company. If it's good enough for a tip, it's good enough for the bill collectors!
Yow! That's insane. You should send it to EtiquetteHell.com!
Furtive. Slacks. Wankel Rotary Engine (ok, not really)
Hey, Jesus only gets 10%...what makes you think you're getting any more?
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